A Journey Through the Still Winters: An Album Review

In the realm of ambient, atmospheric, and downtempo music, few artists manage to capture the essence of emotion and human experience as evocatively as Still Winters.

In this blog post, we will explore what this album means to the artist and delve into its mesmerising tracks that traverse the realms of dark mystery and comforting serenity.

The self-titled 7-track album, ‘Still Winters,’ takes listeners on a profound sonic journey, seamlessly fusing elements such as stark ambient soundscapes, immersive synthesizer pads, vocal manipulation, and soothing guitar.

“This music is the artistic expression of my nights spent wondering.” – Still Winters

The Artist’s Perspective

Still Winters, the enigmatic artist behind this masterpiece, provides an insightful glimpse into the inspiration behind the album:

“Winter nights, when life is still, where does my mind go? Still Winters is an attempt to capture a glimpse into moments of reflection and imagination. A search for something deeper. An abstract expression of human experience and nights spent wondering.

With this understanding, it becomes evident that ‘Still Winters’ is more than just a collection of tracks—it’s a profound and introspective exploration of the artist’s innermost emotions and thoughts, a musical canvas onto which their inner world is painted.

Album Highlights

Track 1, ‘Heron’: The album opens with ‘Heron,’ an immersive intro that sets the stage for the musical journey that follows. It surrounds the listener in a striking atmosphere filled with strings and harsh distorted tones, akin to our dark and mysterious world. This track, with its captivating introduction, offers a glimpse into the complex emotional landscape explored throughout the album.


Track 2, ‘Oh Winter Sky, Where Are My Thoughts in These Cold Moments Where We Used to Walk’: The juxtaposition of peace and mystery becomes apparent as we continue through the album. Still Winters skillfully weaves together the enigmatic tapestry of dark ambient soundscapes, accompanied by the haunting allure of distorted, manipulated vocals, and the soothing embrace of clean, resonant acoustic guitar melodies.

This contrast mirrors the enigmatic, sometimes turbulent nature of our lives. As listeners, we are invited to reflect on our own experiences and emotions.

Track 5, ‘ik, i s’: One of the standout tracks for me personally is ‘ik, i s.’ It showcases Still Winters’ exceptional ability to create melodic harmonies between distant vocals and atmospheric synthesizers. The deep, calming presence of this track resonates with a profound sense of authenticity, inviting listeners to connect with their inner selves. It’s a piece that lingers long after it fades, leaving you yearning for more.


As you listen to the album, you’ll find that it beautifully captures the essence of human experience, resonating with the profound moments that elude easy comprehension. ‘Still Winters’ is a musical testament to the artist’s nights spent wondering, and it invites us all to embrace a contemplative journey through sound, emotion, and the human spirit.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 22nd November 2023 and can be streamed via Spotify here and purchased via Bandcamp here.

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