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A Sonic Journey of Innovation – Reviewing ‘AND’ by SINK

London-based composer and producer SINK releases ‘AND’, a 4-track EP that capture the essence of human experience through a unique blend of textures and moods.

Join us as we explore this incredible EP, sharing our thoughts on the overall dynamic as well as the overwhelming context surrounding the score for the short film ‘Generation’.

SINK‘s EP, inspired by their original score for the short film ‘Generation‘ skillfully transforms and expands the material, creating a dynamic and immersive musical journey.

The 4-track EP showcases SINK’s expertise in crafting intricate layers of sound and featuring the atmospheric guitars of Rival Consoles. ‘AND‘ takes listeners on a contrasting voyage, exploring an emotionally charged narrative that evolves through recurring motifs. Through concise yet evocative composition, SINK effortlessly combines electronic and ambient elements, capturing the essence of human experience with unique textures and moods.

SINK’s palette embraces the beauty of imperfections, creating something pure and then transforming it into something new, reflecting a process of degradation and restoration.

“I created these pieces by expanding and mutating material from the score I wrote for the short film ‘Generation’ (directed by Riccardo Fusetti – A brief journey through the human experience as seen by the eyes of an Artificial Intelligence.” – Nico Dalla Vecchia, SINK

SINK, aka Nico Dalla Vecchia, is a producer and composer based in London, UK. Photograph by Özge Cone.

EP Review

There are many elements to SINK’s EP ‘AND‘ that I truly adore, but it’s their ability to create immersive and dynamic soundscapes that really captures my imagination.

The opening single of the EP is ‘and,’ a powerful and raw track that combines captivating synth elements with glitch-like rhythms and a mesmerising melodic synth line. This unique composition creates an expansive soundscape, immersing listeners in a distinct dimension that stretches far and wide. The dynamic and progressive nature of the song is further elevated by a captivating climax, brimming with energy that leaves a lasting impact.

This single is featured within the captivating short film ‘Generation’ directed by Riccardo Fusetti and winner at Runway AI Film Festival 2023 San Francisco. We highly recommend you watch the short video below.

“It’s a high contrast record where I wanted to explore a brief journey-like narrative, through generation and mutation of recurring materials.” – Nico


As we journey through the EP, the sonic dimension expands and evolves, introducing new and unique sounds. In ‘BIG FUCKING LIZARDS‘ the powerful composition gradually builds, featuring scattered vocals for the first time. The clever use of fading synth lines and distortion effects adds a robotic and slightly ominous undertone to the track, further immersing listeners in its captivating atmosphere.

I am thoroughly impressed by SINK’s mastery in crafting dynamic electronica. Their remarkable ability to produce and seamlessly blend multiple elements makes this EP a truly fascinating experience. It beautifully showcases the artistry of sound design, melodic synth lines, and glitch-like effects, highlighting the immense creativity of the artist.

“‘AND’ is a journey through emotional experience.” – Nico

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 14th July 2023 and is available to stream on Spotify and purchase via Bandcamp. You can support SINK by following them on the following channels: Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook.

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