Aether Releases ‘Places We Never Went Together’

Scottish producer Aether last week revealed their latest work, the 4-track ambient EP ‘Places We Never Went Together‘.

Featuring veteran Saxophonist Cuff Malloy on the opening track ‘Italy’, the EP revolves around a past relationship and a dream to set foot in foreign land, to adventure, explore and embrace the landscape alongside one another.

“A couple of years ago I had the chance to share a few months of my life with a beautiful woman. We spent some time thinking about places we’d love to visit together, but before we ever had chance to do so, we went our separate ways. This is the remnants of my heart mourning for what we could have had. Four locations that I know she would have loved to visit, each with their own identity and sound palette. These are some of the places we never went together.”


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