Aether Reveals ‘Mizuki’ EP

Aether’s latest release is a four track EP that tells the story of the titular Mizuki. The story is set within the Aetherverse, a fictional universe created by Jason Taylor, the Canadian-based Scotsman behind the Aether alias.

I’ll admit that prior to writing this review I’d not been aware of Aether or their prolific body of work, an impressive back catalogue of EP’s and singles that touch on the whole downtempo and ambient spectrum.  

On their website, Taylor explains the motivations for the project, 

‘…each release will be its own self contained story. Each story will have a meaningful message directly inspired by my real life events. This allows me to mix my true emotions and experiences with my love of world building to make a truly ever expanding fictional space, of which was always the intention. This is the Aetherverse.’  – Jason Taylor  

Opening with a playful piano motif and swelling strings, Mizuki’s Theme introduces us to our main character and the sonic universe in which they exist. Evolving pads and atmospheres, gentle piano harmonies and flashes of electronica are complimented rather than contrasted by deep reese basses and foley-inflected beats that add momentum and weight without overshadowing the intricate melodies weaved.




Uplifting yet introspective, musically this doesn’t stray far from Aether’s past releases but that is certainly no criticism with such a strong back catalogue, and with the addition of the associated artwork, narrative and world-building it all adds up to a beautifully crafted EP with depth that rewards repeated listens.  

‘Mizuki’ is out now on Bandcamp and can be purchased via the link below.

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