AK Releases 12-Track Album ‘Facets’

Facets‘ is the title of the 12-track album release from AK (Aljosha Konstanty), an album in which sees the artist break down the boundaries and habits of previous style and production.

We spoke to AK about the release and asked him to give us a brief introduction to the album and the concept behind the overall release.

This is the longest project I’ve continuously worked on to date as I hoped to break habits and mix sounds I’ve used in the past with new ones. ‘Facets‘ allowed me to experiment with more minimalist and slow evolving sounding textures, like you hear on the track ‘Noon‘ & ‘Salt Water‘, an aspect of life which became the overarching theme and foundation for the album.

Find your perfect way to download and stream the album via the official album Fanlink here.

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