Alaskan Tapes Releases ‘O Woods​/​Wake’

Alaskan Tapes - O Woods​:/Wake [Artwork]

Toronto-based ambient composer Alaskan Tapes releases the 2-track EP ‘O Woods​/​Wake’, a tranquil blend of orchestral infused ambient.


It’s always a pleasure to hear the latest work from Alaskan Tapes, a listening experience that offers a brief, yet significant reflection of time that I find oh so refreshing. Their orchestral balance and beautifully structured compositions is an element of their talent that has resonated their entire career, but maybe more-so in their latest work ‘O Woods​/​Wake‘.

Available to stream and download across all major digital platforms.

You can read our in-depth review of their 2021 album ‘For Us Alone’ written by Liam Welch right here.

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