Ambient Light Releases Collaborative Album ‘The Time’ LP

Featuring an astonishing 18 artists and stretching over 4 months, Norwegian ambient producer Ambient Light uncovers their 17-track collaborative LP  ‘The <> Time’, released via The Games We Play.


Featuring artists such as Greencyde, Rhekluse, Deffyme, Tomokari, Ambyion, Brdges, Oceanwaves and many more, the collaborative album brings the best of many of the scenes greats to shape a stunning 17-track release.

“I chose to start this project to give myself a challenge. I was very excited about how this would go. With little resistance, good communication, and a common joy around the Album. I think this went beyond all expectations.” – Jan roar Gjersvold, Ambient Light

Having discovered a lot about themselves during this project, Ambient Light has learnt to listen to others in a different but positive sense. Hinting at a follow-up release in the future, the artist mentioned the possibility that a similar project may begin work at a later date.

“Many thanks to everyone who has participated in the Album, Many thanks to everyone who has shared and who shares this Album” 

You can enjoy the full-length album via The Games We Play on Bandcamp here.


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