Ambient Trio Hotel Neon Release 12 Track Masterpiece ‘Means of Knowing’

Tuesday 15th May // The Philadelphia based trio Hotel Neon, comprising of Michael Tasselmyer, Andrew Tasselmyer, and Steven Kemner yesterday released their stunning 12 track album ‘Means of Knowing‘ on the ever-inspiring ARCHIVES label. On a Facebook post celebrating the release, the trio stated that the album was inspired by the same senses of awareness, observation, and introspection that came with long walks on their favorite paths, incorporating dozens of layers of found sounds and field recordings from around the world to lend it an authentic, tactile feel that only the natural world could provide.

This is an album which carries a strong emotional journey from the opening track, a harmonious clashing of vibrant textures and organic field recordings mixed beautifully and presented in such a profound manner. The album is available to purchase on limited edition vinyl and CD via the ARCHIVES Bandcamp store. Listen to the title track from the album below.

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