Andy Leech Releases ‘The Ambient Collection 2015​-​2020’

The pure organic sounds of Scotland based producer Andy Leech are upon us once more, as the talented young musician revisits their catalogue with the 6-track ambient EP ‘The Ambient Collection 2015​-​2020’.

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Andy Leech is one of the greatest producers of ambient electronica and a huge inspiration to myself and the Insight brand. His music has become a gateway to the world of organic underground electronica, delivering heaven-sent euphoria to a global fanbase. His 6-track EP titled ‘The Ambient Collection 2015​-​2020‘ delivers everything pure about Andy’s music.

Somewhere Near The Edge of The Universe With You‘ doesn’t just win the best ambient track title award, but also takes the top spot for my most much loved track of the year so far. As soon as I heard it, I knew. Music like this strikes such an emotional connection with me that it simply doesn’t feel human, and that’s the most treasured feeling of all. Get lost in the moment, be sure to check it out.

Let’s face it, we missed Andy during his brief hiatus, but boy aren’t we glad to have him back! Enjoy the EP via the Bandcamp link below, please consider sharing to help support the artist.


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