ARCHIVES Debuts ‘You’ll Be Fine.’ by Sven Laux

Friday 7th September // Ambient label ARCHIVES today unveiled their latest addition to their already impressive catalogue. ‘You’ll’ Be Fine‘ is a 7 track album by German producer Sven Laux, which defines some of the purest experimental ambient and classical fusion.

This is the producer’s first official release on the ARCHIVES label, which resonates a powerful and insightful journey into the creative mind of Sven Laux. As quoted by the label themselves, ‘You’ll Be Fine.’ is “A perfect mix of ambient and modern classical music, with a beautiful palette of sounds. From ambient lines to strings and piano keys, with his refined cinematic style.” 

You’ll certainly discover an array of captivating, and at times hypnotising compositions throughout the album. As I’m listening through the album now, I can hear the droning ambience combined with delicate piano notes and atmospheric sound design, together creating this angelic but slightly haunting emotion.

Sven was kind enough to share a little information on the album, here’s what he had to say – “The album was actually made back in 2015 when I tried to connect my previous written music, which was more into the Microhouse genre, to the more ambient-ish music without that typical loop grid. I wanted to get away from the typical process when writing electronic beat music, but I still focused on experimental field recordings and included classical instruments as well.”

The album is available to purchase now via the ARCHIVES Bandcamp store and is available on both digital and physical formats.

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