Arkii & Liquid Memoirs Release ‘Pensive’ on Insight Music

Arkii & Liquid Memoirs - Pensive [Artwork]

We’ve long been fans of Liquid Memoirs here at Insight with ‘Pensive’ his third release with us following 2019’s ‘Nocturnal/Diurnal’, a collaborative EP with Adam Dodson, and ‘Oblivion’. This latest EP is a collaboration with fellow Indian producer Arkii.  


Opener ‘Pensive’ envelopes the listener in softly glistening pads and shimmering keys before giving way to 2 step rhythms and deep reeses.  Subtle echoes of guitar glimpsed through the dense soundscape.  A rich palette of textures and tones that permeate the whole EP.



‘Cerulean’ and ‘Napalm Sky’ continue this theme whilst introducing subtle hints of electronica and dub respectively whilst never straying too far from the future garage sound. Closing out the EP is ‘Time Traveller’, a shorter downtempo piece that acts as a coda for the body of work, bringing everything together and yet somehow acting as an echo of the songs that preceded it.

Following on from a slew of releases together covering all manner of chill genres, ‘Pensive’ shows Arkii and Liquid Memoirs on fine form delivering an EP of uplifting and atmospheric future garage

‘Pensive’ is available to stream and download across Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.

Support Arkii on Soundcloud and Instagram, support Liquid Memoirs on Soundcloud and Instagram.

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