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Autumn Glow Releases 4-Track Ambient EP ‘Dead Zone’

‘Dead Zone’ is the latest offering from Swiss producer, Autumn Glow.

Their fourth release on Insight, ‘Dead Zone’ takes listeners on an ethereal journey through the realms of ambient music.

Opener, “Barren Lands” is a hypnotic track that lures listeners with its swelling pads and shifting ambience. The deep pulsating bass adds to the trance-like quality of the music, while the shimmering atmospheres and delicate keys twinkle and flicker in and out of existence, creating an otherworldly soundscape.

In “Rugged Summit“, Autumn Glow creates a ghostly atmosphere filled with crackling/static noise. Lost melodies appear through the mist of ambience and dense pads, while vocal apparitions swirl through the atmosphere, making for an eerie and haunting listening experience.

North Sea” opens with the sound of lapping water, rolling and undulating waves of deep pads creating a soundscape that is both calming and yet mysterious. Throbbing bass and distant metallic shards punctuate the swirling wall of atmosphere, adding to the track’s haunting sense of depth and intrigue.

Finally, the EP closes with “North Sea (Sleep Version)“, an extended version of the previous track, offering an even more immersive experience, allowing the listener to fully sink into the track’s calming and hypnotic soundscapes.

Dead Zone‘ EP is a well-crafted collection of ambient music. Autumn Glow’s use of atmospheric sounds, deep bass, and ghostly melodies creates an otherworldly atmosphere that transports listeners to a different realm.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on Monday 3rd April and is available to download via Bandcamp, as well as stream on Spotify. You can find your preferred streaming/download platform here. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.

About the Artist: Autumn Glow

About the artist:

Established in early 2020, Autumn Glow is a Switzerland-based producer with four Insight label releases to his name.

His debut EP release titled ‘Autumn Glow’ was our first taste of Marc’s talent in producing chillwave/future garage style music. Since then, he has collaborated with Madison-based producer Wandr and featured on our 10th anniversary album ‘X’ alongside Linear Curb.

You can read our Insight interview with the artist here.

Support Autumn Glow via Soundcloud and Spotify.

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