Bandcamp Now Offering Vinyl Pressing Service

The industry leading music streaming and download platform for aspiring musicians, now offers fans great-sounding, beautiful vinyl editions of their music. Risk-free, hassle-free.


Allowing artists to create their own online store to promote and sell their music and merchandise, Bandcamp recently announced their latest goal in streamlining the financing, production, and fulfilment of vinyl records.

With no up-front investment, the service allows you to create a vinyl campaign and start taking orders, eliminating the hassle and risk that can often be found with vinyl duplication.

The service offers independent artists, producers and musicians the opportunity to have their music printed on a limited run of vinyl.

Although we are well and truly established within the digital era, vinyl sales have flourished, with a huge demand causing severe delays across multiple manufacturing plants. With vinyl sales in 2020 being at the highest since the early 90’s, a vinyl resurgence is certainly in full swing.


Successful Vinyl Campaign – Yazz Ahmed – A Shoal of Souls


“Reach your goal, and we press your records and ship them to your fans.” – Bandcamp


The process of creating your first vinyl release with Bandcamp is fairly straightforward, and can be achieved in 6 simple steps:

  1. Choose one of your Bandcamp releases – Pick the release you want to press on vinyl.
  2. Design your record – Select your tracklist and design your record, choosing options like vinyl color and jacket style.
  3. Finalise your campaign goal – That’s the amount Bandcamp needs to produce the minimum run of 250 records, plus the amount you need to cover your expenses (like vinyl mastering and packaging design).
  4. Set up your pledge levels – Your first pledge level includes a single copy of your record. By adding other, higher-priced pledge levels such as a record and signed test pressing, you’ll reach your goal with fewer pledges, make more profit, or both.
  5. Launch your campaign – We automatically notify your followers and provide tools to share your campaign on social media. You’ll have 30 days to reach your goal.
  6. Success! – As soon as your campaign succeeds, just submit your masters and printer-ready art. Bandcamp coordinates the production of your records and ships them in high-quality packaging to your pledgers. We also handle any customer support issues that arise, such as replacements for damaged or defective records.

The full rundown of all the details can be found right here.

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