Bending Grid Unveils Electrifying Synthwave Odyssey with ‘Parallax’

Drawing inspiration from the timeless allure of 1980’s sci-fi cinema, Bending Grid shares their electrifying new release, ‘Parallax.’

This double album comprises of a very generous 20 tracks, each pulsating with the nostalgic charm of synthwave, while also featuring collaborative efforts with 10 guest artists.

Step into the neon-lit universe of Bending Grid as we dive into the depths of their latest release, ‘Parallax.’ From exploring the intricacies of some of our favourites from the album to sharing their creative lyric videos on YouTube, join us as we unravel the enigmatic allure of this synthwave saga.

About the Artist

In a recent interview with Stereo Stickman earlier this year, South Carolina-based producer Bending Grid shed light on the origin of their alias, stating:

“The name serves as a subtle homage to the vector computer graphics prevalent in the 80s, reflecting the diverse artistic directions I aim to explore within the genre.”

When listening through their dynamic new album ‘Parallax‘, it’s evident how seamlessly Bending Grid has honoured this homage. Their nostalgic sound palette is adorned with vibrant audio hues, painting a vivid sonic landscape reminiscent of the era they pay tribute to. During their interview with Stereo Stickman, they went on to share:

“My musical roots trace back to a deep appreciation for 80s pop and synthpop, coupled with a love for 80s movies, games, and the entire nostalgic spectrum of that era. Serendipitously, I stumbled upon synthwave, a genre that encapsulated all the vivid echoes of 80s nostalgia, and I was hooked.”

The artist has no doubt stumbled upon a genre that masterfully blends the sentimental allure of the 1980’s with contemporary electronic landscapes. Their curiosity was sparked, and the artist discovered a rich and diverse synthwave scene, where he began to experiment in various sub-genres such as Darkwave, Darksynth, Cybersynth, Chillwave, Outrun, Vaporwave, Synthpop, Dreamwave, Retrowave, and Classic 80’s pop.

Bending Grid is an Independent Electronic Musician in Summerville, South Carolina focused on the Synthwave, Retrowave, and Popwave genres.

About the Album

Encountering a 20-track album spanning nearly 80 minutes, maintaining a seamless flow while staying faithful to the artist’s homage and dedication to the synthwave genre, is a rare gem indeed, but ‘Parallax‘ certainly achieves that.

The genre has always held a special fascination for me. Undoubtedly, in recent years, its allure has expanded, attracting a wave of new listeners, partly owing to the popularity of the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things.’

Yet, it remains an utterly distinctive genre, evoking visions of a dystopian retro-future, brimming with vivid colours and captivating sounds.

“The genesis of Parallax spanned a little over a year, evolving from a nebulous concept to a fully realized masterpiece. At its inception, the project didn’t adhere to a rigid direction; I tend to embark on an avant-garde, open-minded approach. The journey began with the creation of numerous instrumentals, snippets of which were tantalizingly shared on social platforms to expand my follower base.”

In addition to the 20 tracks, we’re treated to collaborations with 10 guest artists. Jolie stands out prominently, lending her talents to six tracks. Her voice, perfectly suited to this style of music, adds an extra layer of brilliance to the album.

In an age where attention spans are dwindling, the artist has made a concise 3-minute album preview. This approach is by far a fantastic way to showcase your album in a short space of time, so huge appreciation to the artist for creating this!

Album Highlights

So, where do we start? On album that has many highlights, it’s quite tricky!

Opening the album we have the pulsating single ‘Neon Heat’. Immediately we know where we’re heading. The arpeggiated synth, the 80’s inspired percussion, the sci-fi atmosphere and those lush vocals from Jolie. An opening to an album doesn’t get much more exhilarating than this.

Now I begin to think that tracks one and two are the best back-to-back tracks I’ve heard to introduce an album. That’s quite a statement, but take a listen to track two ‘Party In My Time Machine’.

In the opening seven minutes of the album, we’re swiftly transported back to the retro-futuristic aesthetics of the 1980’s, seamlessly melded with modern electronic sounds, a fusion that’s both nostalgically comforting and undeniably cutting-edge.

Once more, Jolie’s mesmerising vocals elevate the already vibrant synthwave world that has been beautifully created by Bending Grid.

There’s something about synthwave and female vocals that I’m just absolutely loving.

The pair go hand-in-hand, as you’ll hear in track four ‘Lost In Space‘, this time featuring vocals from Violet Fears. Certainly another highlight and must hear if you’re enjoying the tracks above.

Now, if you’re listening to the album over on Spotify, allow the album to keep on playing, as track five is really special!

The single is called ‘Vampires’, and when I heard that atmospheric, soothing intro and angelic vocals along with that pulsating synth line, I knew this one was going to be good! Featuring vocals from Teya Flow and an electric guitar hook that forms the perfect chorus, it’s a standout moment on the album, and certainly my personal favourite.

Notable Highlights

A few notable highlights that certainly resonated with me when listening through the album are:

  • Track 11, ‘Aeons End‘ – A beautiful, atmospheric and progressive introduction that leads into another pulsating release. Featuring The Safety Word.
  • Track 12, ‘Retrospace‘ – Again, an amazing musical backdrop that is perfect for the vocals of Jolie. This one features a saxophone too!
  • Track 14, ‘Rhythm Is Gonna Get You‘ – Featuring vocals from Roxi Drive, this one has plenty of energy to get you up and grooving, amazing percussion work also. Someone really needs to make a vaporwave remix of this one.
  • Track 19, ‘Elon For President (Of Mars)‘ – A beautifully captured atmospheric intro paves the way for another synthwave classic. Featuring vocals from Gulsah Brett, this one has a pulsating and powerful synth line. I’m sure our future president (of Mars) would approve of this one.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on 3rd May 2024, in which you can now stream the album on Spotify or enjoy the official music videos and lyric videos on YouTube.

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