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BILYK and Endless Melancholy Release ‘Far Away’

BILYK and Endless Melancholy traveling through the exploration of time and impermanence in their new video “Far Away”.


BILYK, a Canadian living in Calgary on the banks of the Bow River has released her third single with the Ukrainian ambient project Endless Melancholy. Buddha Bar-featured BILYK and Endless Melancholy have spent their pandemic year working on their new music.

The collaboration’s new release ‘Far Away‘ is a haunting exploration of our relationship to beauty, to nature, to time and impermanence. The lyrics which repeat the refrain “I’m here to stay” are played against the background of constant change leaving us with the question, “What remains when everything passes?”



The video creates a lyrical and visual journey of interior emotional spaces expressed through natural landscapes and human intimacy. The video is filmed on the shore of the Baltic Sea on Rugen Island by Roman Hense. Hense who is rapidly becoming recognised as one of Europe’s top videographers also filmed BILYK’s two previous releases with Endless Melancholy, ‘One Day You Will Be Free‘ and ‘You and Me‘.

Transcending physical borders and distances, ‘Far Away’ is an international collaboration with Canadian roots that has been co-produced by Taras Blyzniuk of Toronto’s Loud Mouse Studio. ‘Far Away’ is a manifestation of the emotional and artistic closeness between friends and strangers.

Find your preferred streaming/download platform via this link, or download on Bandcamp below.


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