C29 Releases 8-Track Ambient Album ‘Enter The Blue’

Ambient producer and returning Insight label artist C29, unveils their latest instalment of immersive ambient soundscapes.

The 8-track album titled ‘Enter The Blue’ is a beautifully composed album that portrays their creative talent of producing incredible soundscapes that capture the imagination.

When it comes to creating such immersive soundscapes, C29 is quickly becoming a name that stands out.

Enter The Blue‘ is the artist’s 6th label release on Insight Music, following on from their previous releases ‘Aglow/Embrace‘, ‘Reminisce‘ and their debut album ‘Unending‘. C29’s music has always brought me incredible joy and meaning, with their ability to create immersive soundscapes capturing my imagination.

The album features a blend of beautiful droning soundscapes that are woven together with intricate textures to create a soundscape that is both calming and thought-provoking. The album has a powerful meditative quality to it, which makes it perfect for relaxation, introspection and meditation.

The artist has captured their inner emotions beautifully whilst inspired by their vast blue ocean and its melancholic feeling.

In his own words, C29 states:

“This album is really special to me, because these soundscapes coloured quite a few personal moments in my life right now…
The creation of this album was so beautiful. I had so much fun with programming my Synthesizer, and then sitting quiet in my room, expressing emotion using these notes for hours while watching the world outside. It was beginning to draw dark outside, and this was a special moment.
The feeling I got while listening back at the recordings always reminded me on starring out to sea. The vast, endless ocean, so blue and kind of melancholic. That’s when I came up with the name ‚ ‘Enter The Blue’.” – C29

Since their debut release in August 2022, C29 has continued to express their musical quality across a range of genres that have been widely promoted and respected across the community.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on Monday 20th March and is available to download via Bandcamp, as well as stream on Spotify. You can find your preferred streaming/download platform here. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.

About the Artist: C29

From the artist:

“I have nothing much to say about me, just making music that feels good to me. Im not good in presenting myself, so It’s a little hard for me to find the right words.”

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