C29 Releases Debut Ambient Album ‘Unending’

The album artwork for the 2022 album release 'Unending' by ambient producer C29

‘Unending’ is the title of the 8-track debut album release from emerging ambient producer C29.

An unknown artist with a passion for ambient music, we dive into the debut album ‘Unending’ and discover an organic talent in deep atmospheric design.

The 8-track ambient album from C29 is one that captured my attention from the first listen. ‘Unending‘ features deep atmospheric sound design with ambient textures and haunting vocal chops. It’s easy to find yourself transfixed on the sound when fully immersed with headphones in a dimly lit room.

Originally the album was produced to help the artist study, but later felt the album should be shared publicly and released with a label. Our conversation started back in May this year. Together we decided to streamline the once 10-track album and also spend time on adjusting certain features in the tracks to enhance the listening experience.

I remember hearing the revisited and extended version of track 6 ‘Endorphin‘ for the first time. Sat in bed late at night with my headphones on, I felt touched by the power of such a simple progressive loop of soothing pads and and distant vocal sample. “I couldn’t resist and made a little new ending” they told me. It was beautiful. This nostalgic feeling of being back somewhere I hadn’t seen, or felt, for years. This encompassing feeling of loneliness at 3am, but it’s nothing to be fearful about. Music truly is an amazing gateway.
“The album came together while I wanted to make music to study too for myself. Then I programmed my microwave V1 synth, routed it through the Sony Mp5 with a washy reverb and that’s it. After a few listening sessions I added a few vocals and a few field-recordings I made on trips.” – C29

The album released on Monday 8th August and is available to download for free via Bandcamp, as well as stream on Spotify. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.


About the Artist: C29



From the artist:

“I have nothing much to say about me, just making music that feels good to me. Im not good in presenting myself, so It’s a little hard for me to find the right words.”

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