Captivating Nocturnes: Exploring Monochrome Midnight Traveller’s Urban Soundscapes

In the heart of the bustling metropolis of Shanghai, a duo named Monochrome Midnight Traveller (MMT) embark on an artistic odyssey that seamlessly merges the realms of visual art and music.

With a genesis rooted in the aftermath of a transformative lockdown, MMT’s two-track EP is a testament to their quest to capture the enigmatic beauty of the city under the shroud of night.

Monochrome Midnight Traveller‘s debut EP paints an ethereal tapestry that beckons listeners into the depths of Shanghai’s midnight soul. Both singles from the EP have accompanying videos, in which the city’s nocturnal transformation is elegantly portrayed, revealing a monochromatic serenity that’s both captivating and haunting. This visual journey of nighttime Shanghai is the essence of their EP and story.

Their music isn’t a mere backdrop; it’s an immersion. With shades of UK trip hop legends and Northern European electronica royalty, their harmonious blend redefines nocturnal soundscapes.

“We always start with a certain mood or visual we want to capture and then build the music around it.” – Monochrome Midnight Traveller

EP Review

MMT’s music isn’t just heard; it’s felt. The heavy bass and synth elements weave a spell that guides your mind through the labyrinthine pathways of the nocturnal city.

The EP masterfully infuses the night with introspection and escapism, creating an immersive visual soundscape where each video beautifully captures Shanghai after dark.

The single ‘Reality‘ delivers a rich electronica experience, characterised by its use of analog synths that encompasses the listener in an ambient darkness, offering a stark contrast to the soothing vocals. The interplay of textures within the track gradually constructs a downtempo rhythm, seamlessly melding with the organic essence of the sung melodies. This cohesion between the textured cadence and the melodic sweetness creates a truly captivating listening experience

The same is said for their second composition, ‘Spaces‘, a single that certainly resonates with me and echoes the sounds of some of those familiar future garage elements. The spotlight is firmly on the captured video footage, which prominently displays the eerie and foreboding transformation of spaces as night falls and the frenetic rush hour subsides.

Release Date and Streaming

The EP released on 10th August 2023 and is available to listen and watch on YouTube along with more of their stunning audio visual work.

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