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Carlo Giustini Releases ‘Manifestazioni’

Saturday 29th September // As far as concept albums go, this one is truly special. ‘Manifestazioni‘ is the title of the 5 track album by Italian composer Carlo Giustini, an experimental drive capturing the essence of desolate streets in a suburban town. Released on the Berlin based label ROHS! RECORDS, the album is sure to have a positive effect on the ambient community.

The opening track ‘Il Vicino (Si Muove)‘ is the perfect introduction to begin our journey. I’m reminded of the early sounds of ambient pioneer Gigi Masin, a composer of some of the most influential ambient pieces from the late 80’s. A series of progressive ambient drone-like sounds combine whilst the distorted vision of environmental sounds litter the composition. There’s certainly a dream-like essance running through the album, but the opening track strongly paints a fundamental visual of what awaits.

Taken from the description of the album, here is a fantastic definition that defines the experience.

“These are five untamed field recordings captured between the desolate streets of suburban Treviso in late June 2018. Five explorations of the secret language whispered by its houses and by the slow and mysterious movements of its inhabitants exhausted by the summer heat.”

The album is available on both digital and physical formats, cassette version limited to 20 copies.

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