Insight Interview: Inuuro

Following on from their debut EP release ‘Passage’ on Insight Music, Norwegian trio Inuuro share words on their production style, collaborating as a trio and their journey into the cosmos. We are delighted to present an Insight Interview with the trio, where we delve deeper into their musical background and current production style, giving us …

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Insight Interview: Nomyn

A renowned icon in the ambient future garage scene, Nomyn has been captivating and engaging listeners with his ethereal musical style for over seven years. ‘Painting Soundscapes’ is how French producer Nomyn describes his music. The emotive melodies and intricate soundscapes blend elements of ambient, chillwave and future garage, a combination of depth and talent …

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Insight Interview: Nick Tearle

Lincolnshire-based oil painter and field recordist Nick Tearle, recently shared their incredible album ‘Annapurna’ with us, an album of beautifully captured sound whilst traveling through the Himalayas. In this Insight interview, we dive into what inspires Nick to paint the fenlands of Lincolnshire and how travelling 744km across Nepal would lead to a truly inspiring …

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Belarus future garage producer Tiikk.

Insight Interview: Tiikk

In this edition of our Insight Interview series, we talk with recent Insight label artist Tiikk, who’s latest future garage EP ‘Beyond Themselves’ is now available across all digital streaming and download platforms.   Hey man, thanks for agreeing to the Interview! Please tell us about yourself in a few words (who you are, where …

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