Chasing Dreams Releases ‘Ascesa’

Tuesday 12th June // Berlin-based ambient composer and producer Dario Lupo, aka Chasing Dreams released their emotional 20 track album ‘Ascesa‘ last Wednesday, a journey described only as ‘chaos and order’. There’s love, anger, rumination, meditation, and realization. It’s a lingering, gentle, pensive rise presented as a melodious milkshake of stories, experiences, and feelings.

The opening track is titled ‘Who Am I?‘ and is a hauntingly atmospheric composition, resonating feelings of hurt, disappointment and despair, a sadness to which there seems no end. A selection of soft, distant textures create a powerful field of emotion, a slight saturated effect sweeps through the track. You can really feel the hurting in this piece, the atmospheric sound design alone leaves what feels like a universe of emptiness inside of me, but as bad as it seems, this is exactly the result of a great emotional connection between ourselves and the artist.

As we make our way through the album, we start to get a detailed understanding of the emotional pain the artist has endured, arriving at places so dark that words simply can’t describe. There are a selection of tracks that gave me the feeling of independence, the feeling of solitude and acceptance. Track 10 titled ‘The Awakening‘ hit me hard. I feel this is the turning point in the album where we start to feel positive, our emotions become clear and we start to look ahead at the positives in our life. It’s a powerful piece which enlightens the album with such a positive a calming effect, full of rich harmonies, textures and dreamlike sound design.

Where were you when you first heard this album? It would be great to hear your thoughts on how the album reached out to you. Be sure to listen and support the artist by following them on Soundcloud and social media, as well as checking out the album on Bandcamp and Spotify.



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