Dark Heart Recordings Releases A Tribute to Manu Shrine

Brighton based Future Garage label Dark Heart Recordings brings a fitting tribute to the community, honouring a legend, pioneer and dear friend.

Sergey Deulin was known across the scene for his captivating Atmospheric Future Garage vibes that resonated with fans and artists alike. This once incredibly unique and proud community role model passed away on 2nd August 2015, a day in which the community mourned for a legend who had left this world too soon.

He had inspired us with his self-released titles ‘Last Works’, ‘Blame Us’, ‘Annutara Ash’ and ‘Inmate EP’, all of which are still actively available to enjoy here.

Dark Heart Recordings released the 15-track album ‘A tribute to Manu Shrine’ on Sunday 2nd August 2020, exactly 5 years after the passing of Sergey Deulin. The album features the work of many hugely respected and aspiring artists who no doubt were, and still are, inspired by the sounds of the late great Manu Shrine.

Explore the tribute album below via Bandcamp.


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