December Trails Releases ‘Longbow’

We are happy to announce another Insight Music project with December Trails in the form of the beautiful 4 track EP ‘Longbow’.

Available to stream on all major platforms, we are proud to release December Trails’ latest EP. The Ambient and Future Garage blend is a great vibe to turn on throughout your workday, which is exactly the way I listened through the EP the first couple times.



What to expect

The intro track reminds me of something you may hear from the popular ambient artist Nuages. A beautiful atmosphere evolves and loudens as it peaks with a dark sub-bass, which settles your mind in preparation of the world of ‘Longbow’.

The body of the EP in tracks two and three are a blissful mixture of elegant atmospheric Ambient music and Future Garage. I was pleasantly surprised in track two ‘The Metal Ridge Across The Sea’ when the textured bass and percussion emerged from the depths of the atmosphere and piano melody. No aspect overpowers another, and even the reese-like sub-bass is soft and moving to blend into the foundational ambience of the track.

Track three ‘Capricorn’ features the same sentiment, but with more intricate percussion and atmospheric spoken word to spice up the second half. Similarly, the outro track also begins with dark atmosphere and vocals that gradually builds into dark percussion-led ending, which then rides its ambience out into the universe.

Personally, I love darker feeling Ambient/Future Garage, and this EP fills a gap I have not filled in a while.

Where to stream/purchase

Follow the embedded link in the introduction, or click on the Bandcamp link below to both stream and purchase.


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