Distant Planets Releases Ambient EP ‘Plans Of Our Own’

Inspired by their journey of growing independence, Distant Planets FKA Orloe, releases their pulsating ambient EP ‘Plans Of Our Own’ on Insight Music.

With ‘Plans Of Our Own’, Distant Planets has crafted an at times challenging yet ultimately rewarding listen. We explore the rich ambient soundscapes and thundering percussion that make this EP a truly captivating release.

Our journey begins with the single ‘Feelings of Distance’ that opens with a tapestry of dark organs and shimmering pads. Shards of glitchy electronica permeate, the rich soundscape building in intensity underpinned by a thundering percussive motif.  Dense pads and percussion swell, overwhelming, growing increasingly glitched and cacophonous before collapsing into a rush of warm ambience and glittering arpeggios.

“I am incredibly proud of how the EP turned out, I think it’s a drastic evolution of my sound that I spent over a year creating. Specifically I wanted to focus more on layering sounds together to make a detailed and yet still expansive wall of sound, something to get lost in.” – Distant Planets

With ‘Maximum Potential’, a wash of warping textures builds before launching into a driving pulse of muted kicks, clattering percussion and huge snares. A deep reese bass and haunting atmospheres provide a sense of foreboding which is only intensified in the track’s second half with an off-kilter beat, distant horns and glitched synth runs adding to the swirling discordant soundbed.

“The inspiration for the EP itself follows my journey of growing my independence. Having completed my college studies, it’s now time to move onto things which grant me more freedom, such as moving out of the family home I’ve lived in all my life and becoming more of my own person. ‘Plans of Our Own’ I think reflects both the joy but also the anxiety I find within this transitional period of my life.”

Closer ‘Four Walls’ opens with a lilting piano line. It’s gentle melody in stark contrast to the almost claustrophobic wall of sound of the previous tracks. However the grit and grain of vinyl crackle combine with a swelling hum to provide a sense of brooding before the track opens up into a lurching, hypnotic rhythm crescendoing in a mass of syncopated rhythms, crashing piano chords and granular textures. 

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on Monday 14th November and is available to download via Bandcamp, as well as stream on Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify. You can find your preferred streaming/download platform here. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.

About the Artist: Distant Planets

From the artist:

“Hello! My name is Richard, I go by the name Distant Planets but I was formerly known as Orloe. I’m 23 and I live in a quaint little village in the north of England. Aside from my love for music, I’m also a lover of photography and movies, particularly science fiction!

I would say my musical tastes lean heavily towards the cinematic and ethereal space, emotion expressed usually through melancholic means. I find music a very important tool for me to both relax and to understand my own emotions, putting songs on repeat and finding my own personal meaning within the music.

I started writing music when I was 14, at the time I had no knowledge of music theory or how to play an instrument. I was looking to broaden my horizons and learn a new skill, I tried programming, writing and lots of other things, producing music was really what stuck for me.”

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