D•LINGS Releases ‘Dream Echoes’ EP

Insight Music is pleased to release this fantastic 4 track EP produced by UK-based artist D•LINGS.


“How would you describe your latest EP release ‘Dream Echoes’ to those who haven’t heard your music before?

It’s a mix of lofi, organic and atmospheric sounds that tie together as 4 downtempo electronica tracks. The whole thing is pretty chill, but there’s also a lot of emotion that I wanted to convey without any lyrics, and I hope it translates.”

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EP Review

Since the words of D•LINGS states the EP is geared towards expressing emotion without lyrics, I’d like to review this album based off of emotional impact. The production of this EP is great, and I love the blend of organic sounds with electronically produced sounds, much like the Alaskan Tapes review I just wrote. However, I simply feel as if it would be doing the EP an injustice to give it a production breakdown rather than the emotional breakdown. Check out our interview linked above to read more about the physical production of the artist’s music!

The EP opens up with a track called ‘Ebb and Flow,’ which begins with a sort of lonely and confused sound, but also somewhat happy. As the song moves into its body, you can almost feel the track get up and start a journey, like it has a destination. It keeps the lonely tone, but strangely it still feels light enough to keep your spirits up. The journey halts once more with a similar tone to the beginning, as if you’ve paused your travels for the time being.

I did some light reading on the title of the next song “Kodama.” The word Kodama is a Japanese folklore term referring to spirits that inhabit trees, like protectors. Now, D•LINGS may have simply used the title as just that, a title. However, I believe it was purposeful in the journey of this track and EP. It seems to pick up the journey where the first track left off, resting. This piece has a similar feel to the first in that I get the sense of a solo traveler making their way through the world, but confused and lonely sounds and senses have left. To me, it feels as if the traveler is being accompanied through this forest of music by these Kodama, and they no longer feel lonely.

We now move into track three, ‘Northern Skies.” This piece is of similar production, but has a whole new overall feel to me. The melodies and instrumentation has changed to feel like a more confident and inspired piece. It sounds like the Northern Skies have stuck awe in our supposed traveler, and their confidence and happiness feel to be the primary emotions. The final chorus section ends with an impactful cymbal clash which cuts off the percussion immediately. I believe we have reached our destination!

The final piece ‘Farewell,’ has given me a completely new interpretation of the EP. The song is lead by emotional,  yet still moderately happy, piano chords and melody. The style of the track is coherent with the rest, with a chorus full of melancholic percussion accompanied by the piano. However, there’s a quick shift to add in a emotionally blinding lead synth which really hits you in the feels as they say. The reason this track changed my perspective on the EP as a whole is it truly felt like our traveler was not just leaving their location, but leaving their journey entirely.

I see this EP as the story of a person’s journey through life. You start off pretty confused and lonely, but if you get up and start searching, you will find that purpose which strikes confidence. This in turn will lead you to the right people to surround yourself with which take away that loneliness, in this case our lovely Kodama spirits. When you complete your journey and leave, while somber, it is done with continued satisfaction and happiness. You reached your destination surrounded by the right people because you had the courage to get up in spite of your lonely confusion.

Very proud to bring this to you exclusively on Insight Music.

Where to stream/purchase

You can follow any of the embedded links above, or you can follow the bandcamp link below.



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