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Enzalla Releases ‘Oceanic’

Italian producer and long-time Insight friend Enzalla, last week released their latest work ‘Oceanic’, a 3-track self-released EP that brings charm and curiosity to the electronica community.

We’ve always been a fan of the incredibly expressive work of Enzalla, in which our friendship stretches back many years. Last week on 3rd June we were presented once again by the incredible work of the artist in their latest EP release ‘Oceanic‘, that features three tracks titled ‘Antartide’, ‘Svalbard’ and ‘Iceland’, three locations we associate with colder climates and those long dark days in the winter time.

The mystery of these locations in represented beautifully within the EP, especially with the single ‘Svalbard’ expressing an almost magical soundscape of such a forbidden and desolate land.

You can download the EP via Bandcamp here, and follow the artist on Soundcloud here.


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