EvanS Releases ‘Everything’ via 2-track EP ‘More of the Same’

EvanS - More Of The Same [Artwork]

I was recently forwarded this track by a friend late one night last week and the impact was huge.


You know that feeling when you first hear a track that straight away gives you the chills? Well that’s how I felt. I knew about 5 seconds in that this one was going to go down well, it didn’t disappoint.

The track titled ‘Everything’ is taken from the two track EP ‘More Of The Same‘ from EvanS. It’s a powerful piece of music that paints amazing visuals in my head. That rather minimalist and distant loop accompanied by the most fitting of vocal chops, there’s a rather euphoric feel that runs throughout the track, everything goes in slow motion and the music becomes ever so inviting. It’s certainly one to take a listen to and without a doubt an artist to follow.

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