Exploring Dawn Chorus’s Debut EP: Parallel Realities

Dawn Chorus, the electronic music producer behind the mesmerising “Parallel Realities” EP, unveiled a sonic journey on December 1st, 2023.

The 6-track EP masterfully weaves together beats, glitchy percussion, ambient melodies, and earth-shaking bass to create a unique musical experience. Accompanied by the evocative cover art of self-taught painter and photographer Joris Graaf, the EP delves into themes of unity, duality, and overcoming adversity.

Forthcoming Debut EP

To provide a taste of what’s come, the lead single “Changes” was released on November 17th. This three-minute electro exploration showcases a harmonious blend of uplifting euphoria and warm nostalgia, setting the stage for the EP’s diverse range of sounds. Before we delve into a couple of tracks from the EP, let’s take a moment to appreciate the overarching narrative provided by Greg Jung, the mastermind behind Dawn Chorus.

About the Artist

Greg Jung, operating under the alias Dawn Chorus since 2015, has faced the challenges of writer’s block, self-doubt, and music hiatuses. With the “Parallel Realities” EP, Jung turns a new leaf, embracing the opening of new doors and revealing a new artistic identity through his music. The EP draws inspiration from various genres, including indie, techno, deep house, breakbeat, and ambient downtempo, catering to both dancing and attentive listening audiences. A Path Untold, under the moniker of Daniel Merrill, contributed his expertise in mixing and mastering, providing an added layer of depth to Jung’s sonic creations.

EP Highlights

Track 2, ‘Coastal View’: “Coastal View” immediately captivates with dynamic percussion and a casual buildup of synthesizers, creating anticipation for the main drop. The track seamlessly blends breakbeat and deep house elements, highlighted by an oscillating bass line. As the intensity builds, a tempo shift takes the listener on a journey, complemented by ghostly vocals cutting through the mix. “Coastal View” stands out as a powerful composition, tailor-made for the expansive environment of a large venue.

Track 3, ‘June Radio’: “June Radio” opens with a fantastic introduction, leading to a sweeter drop compared to its predecessor. The upbeat and powerful swing of the percussion sets the energetic tone, while the breakbeat takes the lead in guiding the track. The synthesizer melody assumes a quieter role, contributing to a deeper melodic vibe. Short female vocals add an extra layer of variation and dynamics, creating a rich auditory experience. The seamless fade-out of the outro sets the stage for the next track, showcasing Dawn Chorus’s skillful track arrangement.


As we eagerly awaited the full release of “Parallel Realities” on December 1, 2023, these insights into tracks 2 and 3 left us with heightened expectations for the EP’s overall impact. Dawn Chorus’s ability to navigate through various genres while maintaining a cohesive narrative is commendable, promising a musical journey that is simultaneously exciting, chill, modern, and uplifting. Stay tuned for the full EP release and immerse yourself in the parallel realities created by Dawn Chorus.

Release Date and Streaming

The EP released on December 1st 2023 and can be purchased via Bandcamp or streamed on Spotify.

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