Exploring the World of Crystal Clear Vinyl With Lazarus Moment

While ‘Crystal Clear’ or ‘Transparent’ vinyl may not be the standard, it proved to be the perfect match for the Lazarus Moment release ‘Inner Sanctum’.

Why, you may ask?

Well, considering the ambient, nature-inspired tone of the release, it’s worth noting that the musical style of Swedish producer Lazarus Moment has always been characterised by transparency.


A Clear Choice

His music beautifully channels the flow of his surroundings, seamlessly integrating them into his artistic expression.

This synergy between the ethereal essence of Lazarus Moment’s music and our choice of a transparent vinyl for the release encapsulates the seamless fusion of artistry and medium, one that invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the art of the music.

Inner Sanctum is paying homage to the one place inside our hearts that we call our Inner Sanctums. The place we go in our minds when we need to heal, to mourn, to reflect, or to just be.” – Lazarus Moment

Lazarus Moment 2023 vinyl record EP 'Inner Sanctum' on 12" crystal clear vinyl.
Lazarus Moment 2023 vinyl record EP ‘Inner Sanctum’ on 12″ crystal clear vinyl.
Release Date and Streaming

Mastered by Chris Pavey, the 4-track EP is available on all streaming and download platforms as well as limited edition transparent vinyl.

Purchase the EP via Bandcamp, or find your preferred streaming/download platform here. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.

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