Fading Language Releases ‘Electric Winter’

D.C-based artist Fading Language has released 4 track EP ‘Electric Winter’, featuring 3 previously released tracks and 1 new release, all now available for purchase.

Fading Language (Anthony LoPrete) has been a staple in the ambient community for years now, and has left his impact here at Insight Music with one of our more popular albums ‘Vessels of Time‘.


About ‘Electric Winter’

I think one of my favourite aspects of Anthony’s music is how he seems to mix in a small glimpse of jazz music with his incredible ambient soundscapes. He is no stranger to vast and wide atmos that fills your headphones, and at times accompanies that with great jazz-like percussion. That style of his has always impressed me, and the album’s namesake gives a great example of this. No artist I’ve come across has the sound that Fading Language presents. Truly unique pads and synths, beautiful piano work and mixing, and an overall impressive composition.

My favorite piece of the album has to be On Something to Which I Won’t Admit. I’ve included this piece in an upcoming piano/study mix, and while I love each piece in this album, the simple piano composition won me over. Even without the beautiful melody, the rhythm of the piano is fantastic. It is slow to start, but will pick up as the melody complicates and intensifies. At times throughout the piece you will be coming to a melodic and rhythmic climax when it will suddenly stop on a note oh-so-close to the resolution, leaving you without breath waiting for it to resolve. After a second or so of silence it does, the theme of the piece resumes softly, and you can breathe again. I just love the execution of this song.

I Sink in Water was a close second for me. I have already started my ramblings which I tried to avoid, so let me try to give brief yet informative breakdowns of the last two pieces. This track is quite contemplative, it is a slow yet consistent speed as it continues to build on itself. You start with background foley and some piano which evolves through the first half of the piece. Just before the two minute mark, you’re hit with a atmosphere of sub and pads classic to Fading Language. This is the track you don’t need to read the name of to know who wrote and produced it. Just such a classic Fading Language feel. Strings are also introduced, and even to the end of the piece you’re left feeling contemplative and somewhat resolved.

The final piece, 100, is also quite fantastic. It may be slightly unfair to pick favourites, as all of these tracks were so close together. This piece features one of my favourite things to experiment with in my own music: using distortion/clipping artistically. The sub-bass in this piece is distorted yet EQ’d in a way that it is not overpowering and simply adds a dystopian feel to the track which also falls in a unique Fading Language vibe. This builds with more and more cracking foley until it cuts off and releases in one big atmospheric breath.

Overall, another wonderful work of art from Anthony. Be sure to discover a little more about the artist in their Insight Interview here.

Where to Stream/Listen

Follow any of the imbedded links, or click the BandCamp link below.


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