Fallen Beats Releases ‘Sunset Chaser’

Fallen Beats - Sunset Chaser [Artwork]

Recent Insight artist and Romanian producer Fallen Beats, self-releases the 9-track chillwave album ‘Sunset Chaser’ across all major streaming platforms.

In this post, we chat with Fallen Beats to get their personal view on the album, diving into the story of the album as well as the production techniques/equipment used to create that euphoric electronica sound. You can also read their 2021 Insight Interview with us right here.


What was your direction for this album? Did you plan to have a context/story for this release?

Well, I’ve been planning this album for a while now, and now with it finally being live, I can say that I aimed for a little bit of a story… This album is about that little part in all of us that loves the peacefulness of the nature, and for my love of watching the sunsets expand over the large skies in our city, with me always “chasing” them, and going for long walks when the sun starts to set, that being one of the most enjoyable feelings for me right now. So I can say that this album was aimed at the people who are lost and can’t find peace in their minds, or the ones that have a genuine love for desolate places and feel lonely most of the time.

There’s a great sense of ethereal sounding electronica throughout the album, was that your plan for this release?

I was going for more of a chillstep/ambient sound at first, but I tried combining them all together into a big pile, and of course, adding all of my true feelings and vibes to the final mix of the album, so that more people can connect to the feel that I was giving away in the album.


‘Sunset Chaser’ from Fallen Beats is available to download via Bandcamp.


Did you use any new audio production techniques/equipment for the album?

As of now, not yet. Of course, I’m constantly trying to evolve my production and techniques, so there are a lot more automations and more subliminal things put around in there. And most important, I added things from the real life in it. going for a more familiar feel, especially when you can hear the birds chirping in the back of your head, or the warm whispers from the one that you love right next to your ears, so you’re going to definitely hear those in my songs.

What was the time frame for the album? How long did ‘Sunset Chaser’ take from start to finish?

I started working at this album last year in October, and it took quite a long time setting my mood to be able to put all of it together. I always have to be in the specific mood, so I can pour all of my emotions into what I create. It started with me wondering in the depths of the city, where you can feel at peace with yourself because there’s no one around, and you get that feeling of numbness almost, to me going to places that have a nice view, or staying up all night and then hearing the morning birds creep around my windows, I can say that it helped me with making the album.

Favourite single from the album and why?

Probably my favourite single is “Confession”, because being the last one that I worked on, it gives the most pure feelings of mine that I could deliver to you, going for a more of an ambient or downtempo sound.

Inspired by anything different lately that maybe inspired the album?

I’m glad you asked this one! This takes me back, with me listening to Spaceouters, Menual, Kisnou, and Sibewest, when I was at first getting into this type of music. I really liked the sound and emotions that I got when listening to them all by myself on the rooftop, and watching the sun set in front of me, it was almost a tradition at this point for me… So I was going for a more style like Spaceouters went in his album “Veter” , or Sibewest in “Variance”, of course, I made it unique and my style, so that’s why you’re going to hear most of the ambiances and get all of the emotions that I got when I was making it.

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