French Producer vssp Releases 11-track album ‘Youth’ on Insight Music

Ambient Electronica album 'Youth' from French producer vssp.

vssp’s album ‘Youth’ takes listeners on a captivating journey through ambient and electronica landscapes with a nostalgic touch.

Almost exclusively produced with hardware synths and samplers following a life-changing event, this 11-track album showcases the French producer’s talent for crafting immersive and melodic soundscapes..

Youth‘ beautifully captures the essence of the artist’s journey during that transformative period, exuding a profound sense of tranquility and ethereal beauty.

Immersed in the creation of ‘Youth,’ vssp predominantly employed the Akaï MPC One as the primary tool for composition, production, and mixing. Additionally, the artist skillfully incorporated an array of synthesizers and samplers, including the captivating Korg Minilogue XD, as well as the versatile Elektron Digitone and Digitakt, lending a rich and diverse sonic landscape to the album.

With its intricate melodies, mesmerizing textures, and meticulously crafted soundscapes, ‘Youth’ invites listeners on a captivating sonic odyssey, painting a vivid portrait of vssp’s artistic and personal evolution.

“’Youth’ is a collection of ambient and electronica tracks produced those past two years, after a life accident which has changed my life. The global feel of this album is deep and aerial softness, and maybe a bit nostalgic, due to a taste for soft melancholia at this part of my life, though I wanted to give to these feels a nice melodic dynamic, and contrasts, in deploying beats on almost each track.” – Mathieu, vssp

Album Review

From the very beginning, vssp sets the tone with opening track ‘Escape‘s waves of dreamy synths introducing a lush wall of synths that informs the sound of the album.

This is followed by ‘Attempt‘, it’s throbbing synths and crunchy drums, creating a hypnotic and layered composition, ever evolving, with glittering shards of vocal melodies that melt into trails of etherea, eventually giving way to a mesmerising piano arpeggio .

On ‘Freedom‘, vssp continues to explore intriguing sonic territories. Ominous strings set a foreboding atmosphere, while an off-kilter synth line adds a sense of unpredictability. Pounding drums interplay with a deep polyrhythmic bass line, creating a driving rhythm that serves as a bed to the complex tapestry of melodics sounds and rhythms. The second half of the track introducing soaring strings that elevate the composition to new heights.

Global Disruption‘ opens with glitching synths creating a sense of unease and restlessness. A pulsing kick drum underpins the track with a steady heartbeat, while ghostly piano notes bleed in and out, adding an eerie and almost haunting quality. As the track progresses, it gradually builds in intensity, only to wash out into waves of lush pads that ebb into nothingness, leaving the listener in a state of tranquility and contemplation.

Throughout ‘Youth’, vssp showcases a mix of classic synth sounds, crunchy drums, and hypnotic melodies, creating a captivating sonic landscape that invites listeners to immerse themselves in its intricate layers of sound. From the pulsating beats to the ethereal textures, each track carries a distinct atmosphere, reflecting the artist’s journey of self-expression and resilience.

Release Date and Streaming

The album released on Monday 29th May and is available to download via Bandcamp, as well as stream on Spotify. Interested in discovering our artist catalogue? Head to our artist page here.

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