Future Astronauts Open Submissions For 9th Annual Charity Compilation

Future Astronauts, record label and music podcaster, has opened submissions for their 9th annual mental health awareness charity album ‘Vessels IX’.


Here at Insight Music, we have been privileged to support each year’s ‘Vessels’ album release. This year is no different, with Future Astronauts now accepting submissions for their next compilation album. Comprising of prominent ambient figures such as Subsets, SOULAR ORDER, 100 Day Delay, and others, expect to hear a fantastic compilation album. For a taste of previous releases, ‘Vessels VIII’ is available below.



The mission of Future Astronauts is to raise awareness for mental health struggles. All proceeds for the first several months of each album solely go towards the Mental Health Foundation (UK) and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. At some point in each of our lives, we will be touched personally by the struggles of mental health crises, and the work the artists at Future Astronauts are doing is a very pure cause.

How to submit for ‘Vessels IX’

If you are an ambient artist and have something in the works you feel could fit this year’s album, you can head over to their webpage and submit here. This link provides you with a very simple submission form, along with links to information regarding the mission of the album and charities involved.

How to support the Vessels albums and/or Future Astronauts

There are several ways you can support this mission without contributing your music. Here are a few.

We are again very happy to support this endeavour, and look forward to the release of ‘Vessels IX’. Read our short review of their 2019 ‘Vessels’ compilation album here.

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