Glo Returns to Soundcloud and Bandcamp

In October of 2020,  all traces of Glo’s music vanished from both Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


Short blog here for our followers.

If you have spent much time in the ambient community, you have most likely heard the name Glo. He is a staple in ambient circles, an artist that never fails to create beautiful and evocative music. Back in late October of 2020, a close friend of mine in the ambient community showed me a blank SoundCloud and Bandcamp page with Glo’s name on it. Suffice it to say it was a sad moment, as we were unsure whether the music was deleted and he moved on permanently, or if it was simply made private to become public at a later date.

Happily for us, as of this week, most of Glo’s music is back up on SoundCloud as well as Bandcamp. If you’ve yet to notice, I invite all of you ambient lovers to enjoy the work again, and support him on Bandcamp if inclined.

You can once again support through SoundCloud, or you can follow the Bandcamp link here.




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