Greencyde Releases ‘Welcome to the Infants’ on The Games We Play

Brighton resident Greencyde last month released their 13 track album ‘Welcome to the Infants‘ on London label The Games We Play, a selection of dark ambient, deep bass and the most precise of percussion.


The album is the second official release from the artist after last year hitting the scene with their debut EP ‘Sun Shines Through‘ on Horizon Recordings. Greencyde is an artist who’s commitment to the community certainly doesn’t go unnoticed, with their work being showcased on compilation albums as well as curating guest mixes for other music collectives.

Listening through the album, there’s definitely a sense of nostalgia laced within each track. I can hear familiar sounds from the early rise of the dubstep scene, that resonating sense of space with such detail to the percussion and that deep oscillating bassline. The album carries a powerful underlining sensation of loss, the atmosphere combined with the chord progression paints an image of a dark bitter night in some rundown part of the city at 3am. Track 3 ‘Feel’ which features B.o.O.m is certainly a track that paints a powerful image.

I got talking with Greencyde earlier today about the album and his thoughts surrounding the concept and production value, here’s what he had to say.

“There’s a lot of rain in my music, that’s for sure, even from day 1 with the track ‘Dark Water’, I like to create as much atmosphere as I can, and some of my music focuses more on the mood than the music.  I think my new track ‘Portland Road‘  probably shows that. Lot’s of little things in the album, even the rain drops getting chopped up in the track lost to make a rhythm. Burial is a huge influence on my music, so are Manu Shrine, and Ghost Ark.  I would love to know where he is now!  I just want to make emotive music that sounds like you are walking through the rain-soaked streets of the city. I pretty much cut my beats on the album and placed them wherever I wanted to put them. To me music is music, forget the perfect timing of things.”

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