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hidden Releases ‘stray’ on Future Culture

hidden // stray [Artwork]

Capturing the atmospheric sounds of ambient garage, emerging artist hidden releases their debut 4-track EP ‘stray’ on Future Culture.

We take a listen through the EP and share our thoughts on the immersive sound captured by the artist.

The sound. 

Listening through the EP, I hear similar sounds to that of early Vacant such as their ‘Motherland‘ or ‘Trauma‘ EPs from 2013-2014. The percussion work is precise, clean and crisp and sits beautifully amongst the atmospheric textures of pads and bass. Chopped vocal samples drift between ‘nier’ and ‘lament’ whilst the true ambient atmosphere of future garage presents itself beautifully in ‘lament’ and ‘vanish’.

One supporter on Bandcamp captures the essence of the EP beautifully:

“Stunning urban atmospheres. The sudden pauses in rhythm pulse with life. An awesome collection with a real depth to the mix. Favourite track: unravel.” – Audio Mainline

Our choice.

Each single certainly has it’s own merit, with each track earning its place on the EP, but for us we chose ‘unravel’ as our signature single from the EP. We love the ethereal sounding atmosphere that encompasses the single from the very beginning, fading out as the single comes to an end. The complexity and dynamics of the percussion along with that iconic ‘shuffle’ certainly bounds the track together and produces that cutting-edge future garage sound.



The artist.

Very little is known about the artist, which is compliment to their current alias, hidden. “Music for Daydreamers” is how the artist reflects on their own work and we couldn’t agree more. You can support their music on Soundcloud and Spotify as well as showing them support via Instagram.

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