Hyperdub Announces Limited Re-press of ‘South London Boroughs’ EP by Burial on Crystal Clear Vinyl

2024 is the 20th anniversary of the iconic Hyperdub label, and with that comes a series of special limited edition releases.

First up is a limited re-press of ‘South London Boroughs’ EP by Burial, released in 2005 and third release on Hyperdub.

“Even if you don’t listen to Burial’s music, you still probably know the general gist of how he pioneered future garage and essentially popularised it within the following years. Yet, with all the wide variety of releases labeled under the future garage tag, none of them sound even close to what Burial was doing from the very beginning with his South London Boroughs EP. ” – Quota, rateyourmusic.com

An Iconic EP Returns on Crystal Clear Vinyl

Long deleted on vinyl, this first  limited re-press is cut on clear vinyl with updated artwork.

It’s a magical release. Four tracks, three exclusive to the EP which defined the sound of early Burial. I honestly can’t wait to get my hands on the vinyl, which begins shipping on/around 17th May 2024.

Perhaps Hyperdub were captivated by the stunning presentation of Lazarus Moment’s latest label release ‘Inner Sanctum,’ showcased beautifully on crystal clear vinyl. Either way, we’re super proud to be supporting this special re-press from the label.

You can view the re-press and order your copy via Bandcamp here.

“Get lost in their dark, dubbed out atmospheres and skippy rhythms, sometimes syncopated into strange new forms.”

The re-press features updated artwork and a crystal clear vinyl record.
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