Insight Focus: Ecepta & Azaleh, ‘Sleepless EP’

Ecepta & Azaleh‘s masterful new ‘Sleepless EP’ will be released tomorrow…

The EP will feature five brand new tracks and will convey a range of deep emotions and stories. Both of these artists are well-known for their stunning takes on the classic future garage and ambient sounds, and both bring their exceptional technical and emotional ability which blend perfectly in this EP.

Sleepless EP is bound to join the ranks of classic future garage and ambient soundscapes. The extraordinary music cultivated by each artist to date – including Ecepta’s exceptional remix album of Burial’s ‘Untrue’ last year and Azaleh’s consistently awesome output – blend perfectly together in this wonderful joint effort.

Sweet dreams come with a deep sleep…

‘Sleepless EP’ will be released tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

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