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The first in a series of articles focusing on producers we love.

Spain has long been the birthplace of some amazing creative talent (Salvador Dali, Miguel de Cervantes, Camilo Jose Cela, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo – the list goes on and on). But four highly talented Spanish producers have caught our eye (and ear) recently…

Kyddiekafka (part of withered collective) is a ridiculously talented young wave producer from Valencia, Spain. His music combines gorgeous, soaring melodies, ice-cool vocals, crunching bass-loops and super-tight beats into sonic masterworks. Check out his wonderful track ‘When Silence Speaks‘ (as featured on FOMH‘s incredible recent collection ‘Tides‘ – highly recommended listening in its entirety) and last year’s ‘Dark Times‘.

hidden jayeem (also a member of withered) has been producing for some time now, but his more recent output swaps dark garage-style sounds for some highly emotional and seriously beautiful wave music. Check out his latest track ‘lostness‘ or the astonishing ‘no one else‘ (a personal favourite).

Four words describe Hermei (a third member of withered): Highly prolific; consistently brilliant. The sheer volume of Hermei’s output is quite astonishing, and the fact that every single tune he puts out is stunning is testament to a creative mind at the very top of its game. It’s difficult to pick any particular tune, but if you’re new to Hermei, try ‘blue nights‘ or last year’s ‘dreams‘.

Perhaps slightly lesser-known than the first three (but equally as talented), Barcelona’s Elhixir is making some incredibly diverse sample-driven music at present, from gorgeous, trap-tinged chillout tunes, to wave, to darker tunes with a witch house flavour. Try the gorgeous ‘Last Prayer‘ or ‘it must’ve been something you said‘.

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