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Insight Interview: Bucky

Prior to the release of his stunning new album ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back‘, we caught up with London’s Bucky


Hi Bucky, great to speak with you again! Congrats on the new album. When did you first start work on ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’?

Thanks for having me again! I first started from the beginning of June until now. Thats not to say I’ve really rushed, I’ve just been full-time all hours with the music giving it my full effort and focus. I’ve made a conscious effort to really try and finish the bits I started with this one.

Is there a theme or story behind the album?

Yeh basically it more or less just follows my journey from the last album, which was about doing a job that wasn’t fulfilling, that feeling you get when you feel like you should be doing something else and all the problems you go through with that life. Basically how ‘South of the River‘ ends is that I quit. Not without getting my ducks in a row either. So if anything I would like to think that this new album is life affirming!

How did you settle on the name ‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’?

It’s the first thing I thought about to be honest and I didn’t entertain anything else. It’s an old adage which basically means to find out ‘who you are’ you gotta ‘find out who your not’. You have to try things to understand them and find yourself from a position enhanced by the experience. I basically found out that I wasn’t a corporate suit. I’m me basically. I’m a bit down to earth, a bit old school, a bit of a geezer, a bit cheeky. But I am honest, genuine and wear my heart on my sleeve. I hope that this album portraits that.

Can you talk us through the creative process by which this album came into existence? Did you always mean to make THIS album, or did it evolve organically?

I think it’s fair to say it evolved over time. I went for a variety of styles. L Own described it as a kaleidoscope of sounds which I think is a good description. I quite like that for albums, it gives me the chance to draw other styles on you in a way but also shifts thru the gears and hopefully stops things from stagnating.

Was there a particular sound you were trying to achieve?

I was going for a UK vibe as standard, I wanted to make stuff that was a bit of a nod to the past but not entirely. I’ve gone back to my roots a bit. I think there is the usual emotive tunes in there with my style of sound, but I’ve been a bit more playful in this one, I’ve contrasted the emotional tunes with some cheeky ones. I don’t think you should take yourself too seriously because usually no one else does!

And finally – any parting words?

Big thanks to Eikona, L Own, Londy & Phelian for your help and support with the various aspects of this album. Big thanks to all those who regularly comment, share and show love, it helps a great deal with the motivation required in getting things finished and out.

And thanks to you as well Antony for helping get the word out!

Thanks so much Bucky! Very best of luck with the album.

Thanks man!

‘You Gotta Go There To Come Back’ drops later this month. Stayed tuned for an exclusive album mix by our resident DJ Antony O’Loughlin (aka The Games We Play).

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