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Insight Interview: Fading Language

We recently worked alongside Washington based producer Fading language in releasing their debut album ‘Vessels of Time’ on both digital and physical formats.

The 10 track album features an array of beautifully written ambient pieces which encompass delicate piano elements with rich atmospheric soundscape. We caught up with the producer to find out a little more about their inspiration behind the album.


Hey Fading Language, thanks for agreeing to do an interview with Insight. Where are you currently based? Do you travel a lot, or are you firmly rooted at home? 

Hello! This is a very cool thing to get to do. I am currently based in Washington, D.C attending college. The only real traveling I do is between here and New Jersey, where I visit home on occasion.

When was your first real exposure to music? 

It was the music my parents would play on the radio taking me from place to place as a little kid. My dad played a lot of classic rock like Pink Floyd and Kansas, and my mother stuck to traditional Irish music. I was a hyper-competitive kid and begged my parents to get me a guitar so I could become better at it than David Gilmour, which was when I suppose I first became a musician (although I didn’t really like the guitar and never got that good at it.)

What’s been your proudest experience to date? 

You might expect me to say it was writing Vessels of Time, but honestly, I found creating it to be a pretty laid-back experience. Everything just sort of seemed to fall in place for it. My proudest moment occurred during high school symphonic band when I was a junior. There was a very hard piece we were performing, and I got an obnoxiously difficult part (I was a percussionist) that I performed wrong nearly every time we played the piece despite how much I would practice it. But the night we performed in a state-wide competition, I just so happened to nail it. I was beyond thrilled!

Your recent album release ‘Vessels of Time’ on Insight Music is a beautifully constructed 10 track ambient atmospheric album. What was your inspiration behind the album? 

It draws from a whole slew of things, so I’ll only mention a few. I performed in a percussion ensemble that was around an hour away from where I lived and would usually take the highway to get home. One night I was sort of sick of that and decided to find a different route home and ended up in a long stretch of backwoods that managed to do so.

I would always listen to Bon Iver’s S/T when I would do this, and it was a pretty magical experience, so I decided to try and model the album after it (driving through backwoods at night.) So, I would say the biggest inspiration for this album structurally was Bon Iver’s S/T, although individual songs on their own do have separate inspirations. Stray was inspired by Stumbleine – Comatose, Micros was inspired by Jon Hopkins – Sun Harmonics, and a more interesting one is that Tomorrow; Never is inspired by a video project called New City by Liam Young.



Which track from the album are you most pleased with the outcome?

Probably Errance for a Flame. Most of the time when I write music I go off of a vague idea or general concept instead of something I hear in my head because it’s often impossible to recreate the music you think of head as you just might not have the production chops/equipment/patience necessary to actually make it. Errance for a Flame is something that I actually heard before I wrote, and I think evokes a sort of feeling that I really enjoy.

Aside from music production, what else do you like to get up to in your spare time? 

Apart from working on schoolwork basically all the time I play games along with most dudes my age. I also try to get into DC or go out with friends whenever I can.

Has it always been a goal of yours to see your music available on a physical format? What lies ahead for you as a producer? 

I’m not sure if I’ve always aimed at having music released on a physical format although now that it’s actually happened it makes me feel pretty good since it feels much more official than my usual ‘slap it on Soundcloud and Spotify’ strategy. As a producer, I’m going to continue making whatever I feel like and will certainly start another album once I feel like it’s the right time.

How about performance? Are you currently involved with live event? 

I have never performed any of my music live and am really not even sure how to start. I don’t own a CDJ or anything and don’t have any sort of social network for getting shows. It might be something that I look into in the future although I’m horrified by solo live performance, so I might not haha!

Would you like to get more involved with collaborations with other producers in the scene? 

There’s a ton of people that I’ve meant to collaborate with, although I (and presumably they as well) have just never gotten around to it. It’s something I really want to do but when you have so much on your plate it can be a difficult thing to make time for.



What’s your musical goal for the next few years? Is there something you’d love to achieve in your career?

I’d like to start working with instrumental musicians! Recording is never something I’ve known all that much about, but I aim to learn more about it and create an album that has absolutely no reliance on any sort of preset, sample library, recording made by someone else, or whatever. I’d like to be able to make something that I can concretely say is my own.

Any life goals?

Just to be as happy as possible!

Which artists / bands would you love for us to go check out? Any particular album you’re really enjoying right now?

I of course greatly dig Kori, Duumu, The Aurora Principle, 100 Day Delay, and Swept, all of whom heard the album before release and gave me valuable criticism. Some other artists I’d like to bring more attention to are Luis Miehlich, Stay, Solace, Hamu, Tino and Violet Light.

Has there ever been a piece of music or an experience that shaped you to become the musician you are today?

I don’t feel as if there’s ever been a single piece of music or experience which redefined me. It’s definitely more so been a constant snowball effect; everything I’ve ever done plays a small part in what I’m writing.


Be sure to follow the artist on Soundcloud and support the release by purchasing your copy here. Read as we revisited the amazing ambient album in 2018 here.

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