Insight Interview: Keltic

Keltic (real name omkar surve) is a future garage producer from Mumbai, India.

From the early age of 15, Keltic found solace in the beats of legends like Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki, igniting a spark that would fuel a lifelong love affair with music production.

But what’s in a name? For Keltic, it’s a profound connection to the roots of creativity, as the moniker represents a diverse linguistic heritage that mirrors the boundless potential of his craft.

In this interview, we delve into the artistic psyche of Keltic, uncovering the enigmatic processes that underpin his creative genius. From the ethereal inception of a new track to the meticulous fine-tuning that transforms a mere idea into a sonic masterpiece, Keltic invites us into his world, where inspiration reigns supreme and routine is but a distant echo.

Q. Hey Keltic! Can you tell us a bit about yourself and how you got started in music production? What inspired you to choose the stage name Keltic?


My journey started since I was 15 that’s when I first listened to artists like Martin Garrix and Steve Aoki and I got hooked on music production ever since! It always fascinated me as to how you can make such complex music and make it seem so professional sounding!

“The thing that inspired me to go with the name Keltic is the definition of the word as the word Keltic means a branch of indo European languages so this allows me to make whatever genre to make!”

Artistic Process

Q. How do you approach the creation of a new track? Do you have a specific process or routine? Could you describe your creative workflow from initial idea to finished product?


Firstly, I would start off from the vibes like how I am feeling and I would place down the synths and ambient samples all drums to my liking! Since I am a perfectionist, I love to take my time with my tracks as it helps me get more ideas and creativity. Routine wise I have none haha cuz id like to just browse thru a bunch of samples to get myself in a motivated mind state!

“My creative workflow is very weird like if it sounds good in the end mix or at a mastered version and my head is bopping right then it’s a finished product!”

‘Illusions’ was the debut EP release on Insight Music from Keltic.

Musical Style and Studio Setup:

Q. Your music spans across various genres like ambient, cyberphonk, future garage, and trap. How do you navigate between these different styles?


These genres are very vast in both sound design and in atmosphere so navigating between them for me its easy as cyberphonk is more based on modern sounding synths and dark and gritty atmospheres.Future garage is more melodic sounding soundscapes and more perc drumshots groves that give the track more depth and momentum! Trap is more easy since I have been around more trap producers since the start of my career.

Q. Can you walk us through your studio setup and your favourite equipment/software for producing music?


So basically I used to own studio headphones from Audio Technica called M20x and a interface from Behringer called U-phoria UM2. Now I own a M50X and Audient ID4 interface and studio monitors from pioneer.

Cultural Influence:

Q. How does being based in Mumbai, India, influence your music and creative process?


Being a Mumbai-based producer its very difficult to get anything creative cuz either everyone is doing the same EDM from 2015 or everyone just wants to be the next commercial rapper which is a good thing….but sometimes uniquely artists are shown properly in the spotlight and are often demotivated to pursue music.

Q. Are there any elements of Indian culture that you incorporate into your music?


My percussion and my drums as Indian music is heavily reliant of acoustic drum patterns and organic instruments!

Insight Release: Illusions EP

Q. Released in November 2023, the ‘Illusions’ EP received great feedback from fans. Could you share the inspiration behind it and the creative process involved?


Illusions‘ came to me as an idea that I had since a long time because I always wanted a small EP containing my best tracks id like to showcase to the world! Its my biggest dream to show to the Indian public that I exist and I would love to make it available to each and everyone who listens to my track.

Sample Packs:

Q. You release your own sample packs. What inspired you to start creating and sharing your own sounds?


I wanted everyone to have accessibility to my sounds, creativity and vision to make all the kinds of music I do…at an affordable rate that it haha! Making sounds has always been a interesting topic to me because it is crazy as to how many possibilities there are to using a sine wave and then modifying it to sound like a pad, bass, arp etc etc.

Q. How do you approach the creation of sample packs, and what do you hope other producers gain from using them?


When I make my own sample packs I always see it from a producers point of view of how he would perceive the pack and use and navigate through it effortlessly! I always hope and wish that producers that they have the means to create elite sounding soundscapes and really professional stuff

Inspirations and Influences:

Q. Who are some of your biggest musical inspirations or influences, and how do they manifest in your own music?


For now my biggest inspirations are Brothel, Burial, DYS, Mefjus and the rest of the roster of UKF music! As I would love to be under their wing and love to learn new music related stuff to create more fire music! All of the names I have mentioned have a big influence as my mixes and my samples are truly inspired from them.

Q. Are there any non-musical influences that impact your creative process?


This one is an emotional one 🙁 So my biggest inspiration to do music is my dad. He passed aways 3 years ago but he is my mental drive to make music everyday cuz my dads dream is to play my music in front of a stadium full of people! His wish was to see me grow in my field and see all of my fans cheer me in the studio so yeah this is how it impacts my creative process.

Future Aspirations:

Q. What are your goals or aspirations for your music career in the near future?


My goals are to create a fan base and grow more in India and be the only Indian producer who is known to make cyberphonk and future garage because I’m a pioneer and I have a strong vision about my sound and as “Keltic”.

Q. Are there any specific projects or collaborations you’re particularly excited about?


Yes I have so many drum and bass ID’s and bass house projects I really wanna release them in the coming months and about some collaborations I have tracks coming out with Noremac, Jack Instinct, koi and few more hehe.

Keltic (real name omkar surve) is a future garage producer from Mumbai, India.

Challenges and Learnings:

Q. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a musician, and how have you overcome them?


Challenges are putting them very lightly. I have learnt everything my self my trial and error as there was no body to help me later when I progressed in my field I found new friends who really support me and taught me new stuff about resampling and sound designing!

“In this ever growing field I found it difficult to make yourself the focal point in a genre especially in future garage and ambient but still nevertheless Im pushing and grinding!

Q. Is there any advice you’d give to aspiring producers looking to carve out their own path in the music industry?


Be true to your sound and yourself and keep on experimenting on your sound and your brand! You might never know you may get your big break in your career!

Message to Fans:

Q. Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans or anyone listening to your music?


Thank you all for those who have been supporting me over the years I am rally glad to have you called my family and fans! I will never stop making music and putting our my craft to show case to the world! You know why? Cuz I am Keltic and I never miss!


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