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Insight Interview: Lazarus Moment

Prior to the release of his debut full-length EP on Nucifera Records (Phelian‘s new record label), we caught up with Swedish producer Lazarus Moment to talk about life, music, nature and inspirations. Check out his story here.


What is the story behind the origin of the name Lazarus Moment?

The story behind my name and why I chose it is, one day I started to contemplate whether I should continue music or not. I was having a very doubtful and self loathing period in my life where I felt like I didn’t get anywhere, my vision wasn’t present and I didn’t like how pushed into the corner I felt by that. I didn’t make any progress and I just felt numb. Then one day, in the midst of all this “being lost in myself, where do I run to,” I was sat down watching David Attenborough and this specific episode was about a bird, and this bird was struggling, and looking for something crucial for its survival. We followed this bird as he was looking for what he sought. After a while he found it, and this was, in David’s words, “a Lazarus Moment for this bird.” I just knew it right then, it was like a stream of light shooting down from the sky right into my soul, telling me that this is what you are going to do, this is your call. What is a Lazarus Moment? A Lazarus Moment is by definition a moment in time where you find yourself helpless and lost, maybe even parts of you are dead but something pulls you up from the depths again. Revives your purpose and your vision. In the bible, Jesus revived Lazarus from the dead, and it’s a metaphor that what you have lost the way, you can be found once again. Like being given a lantern, to guide you out of the dark caves.

Who are your major musical influences?

That is always a hard question because I am influenced by everything I listen to in one way or another. I would have to say that Azaleh, Phelian, Ennja and Volor Flex are major inspiration but as I said, there are many more who inspire me!

How long have you been producing, can you describe the moment when you first realised you wanted to make music?

I have been on the producing path for about 3 years. Before that I spent around 3 years just deciding for which DAW I wanna use, learning that, understanding the major principles behind it etc etc. I started Lazarus Moment in 2017.

I first realised I wanted to make music in 6th grade, where my friend showed me some stuff he had made. I was very intrigued to give it a try. I have always been interested by music, and my childhood, thanks to my wonderful mother and family was filled with all kinds of music from hip hop to metal to classic rock, soul and funk. You name it!

But when my friend showed me how you could make electronic music, I saw that as the way to structuring up all I had in my head somewhere; I knew it was going to take time until I could do what I wanted to do but I was persistent to learn. Now I can’t be thankful enough for whatever put me on this path, it is hands down the best thing I have ever embarked on.

The imagery behind your music seems to be heavily inspired by nature, is there a reason?

Yes, that is correct! Well, I guess the reason behind it is because nature has always, since I was a child, been sort of a protective entity for me. The forest has been my second home and place for reflection. I had this small water hole in the woods behind my house all my life, I have spent countless hours just sitting there listening to the birds and working out my inner tangles.

The first time I saw the ocean, my mother told me that I stood, arms wide open, gazing over the vastness and I said, “Masses” so my fascination with nature has been there since the beginning.
What makes my music inspired by it, is that nature in its whole, is the perfect structured chaos, everything is scattered everywhere but yet all is one big living organism. I don’t have any theoretical knowledge about music, so everything I make is basically a big chaos but structure and organised into sound. I can relate that to nature, making this chaos into something beautiful, like nature does.

Are there any other musical projects that came before Lazarus Moment? If so, what triggered the change in direction?

Yes, before Lazarus Moment I went under the name Stiipo (still do and there are future plans for that too) producing my beloved drum and bass. What triggered the change of direction was pretty much my lack of satisfaction from my productions. I guess I had been staring myself blind and that rendered me unable to progress. Which in turn made me quite depressed because I am a person with a big need to express myself. If I don’t I get confused with life and when I was failing my best way of doing that, I felt I was failing myself; but then my Lazarus Moment came…

What is your approach to starting a track, is there any specific workflow you follow?

First off I guess, I check my emotional state. From that I go into my DAW and I usually start making some atmospheres that suit what I feel or see in my head at the moment. I don’t really have a certain way of doing things, it’s different every time! I am just doing what I think sounds good and if I like it I continue on it! I like manipulating stuff beyond recognition of the original sound. I guess, after some thinking I’d say my way of doing things, is playing around and being spontaneous in what I make. I don’t really know what I am doing and when I am done I don’t really remember what I did, so it’s an in the moment thing!

How has your music evolved since you first began producing?

Woah, I can’t even comprehend what a journey this has been already… My stuff really sounded AWFUL when I first started out. Just straight up awful haha. It was noisy, badly structured and soulless. Then I started making DnB and the first songs were not good either but after a year or so it began to sound pretty good! It is really since I started Lazarus Moment that my music started to take a big turn for the better and really reflect what I wanted it to. Let’s just say that the evolution has been immense, and it has opened my eyes to music production in a completely new way and I can’t wait to see what the coming years will teach me!

On your first album ‘A Moment for Eternity’, which track means the most to you?

I will have to say the title track “A Moment For Eternity”. I wrote that track during a stressful and uncertain time, where there was a two-way path coming up. The split threw me to come back on the path I wanted to walk and it made me rediscover parts of life that I had lost on the way. It’s easy to forget where you are going, and what hurts the most, is really something that can change you for the better! I believe what you need will be brought to you if you just let it. This song has quite a happy and hopeful vibe, and it’s about that period. It was a big chapter of my life closing up and a new one opening up. Like the first flowers of spring, after a long cold winter, you will wither and you will blossom once more.

As an artist and musician, what would you say is your ultimate goal?

My ultimate goal personally is to get to the point where, as a painter would, be able to create whatever he pleases, out of his own mind. To use colors the right way, having a perfect understanding of what brush works best for what purpose. I want to be able to fully and whole heartedly, create all the ideas in my head the way I see them, that can put my vision into reality.

I don’t want to be famous but I want to inspire and influence others. Music saved me and I want others to partake in this beautiful thing.

What’s next for Lazarus Moment?

I will just keep on making music, doing collabs and such things. I am thinking of starting a little “radio show” where I can showcase music I like etc, lets see if I do. Future plans are building a sound system for being able to do events. Other than that I guess time just has to show me what’s next for Lazarus Moment, I am excited for the future, that I can say!

Thanks so much Lazarus Moment!

Thank you so much for having me!

Check out Lazarus Moment’s music here and here. ‘A Moment For Eternity’ will be released on December 16th via Nucifera Records. You can read Lazarus Moment’s previous interview with Insight Music here.

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