Insight Interview: Lazarus Moment

Wednesday 26th June // Swedish native Lazarus Moment last week released their 10-track album ‘Tales From the Edge of the Forest‘ on the Insight label, our first physical edition of the year and our first collaboration with the artist. The ambient/future-garage album pays tribute to the artist’s love for nature, capturing their beautiful surroundings in a small naval town within the southeast of Sweden. We caught up with the artist and got to know a little more about their background, musical journey and latest album release. 

Please tell us a little about yourself (who you are, where you’re from, what you do etc.)

Hello insight! Well, I don’t really know how I would describe myself as a person. Im very connected to my emotions. Im quite easy going (I hope haha) And Im just trying to be a good person! Im from the southeast of Sweden, a small naval town built on islands. I grew up outside the town, in the mesmerising forests surrounding us here. I have had a lot of hobbies but none lasted as long as the music and the painting, so those are my main treats I think. I enjoy mountain biking as well!

What is the story behind the origin of your artist profile Lazarus Moment? What can fans expect to hear when they are first introduced to your music?

The story behind my name and why I chose it originates from a period where I was having a very doubtful and self loathing period in my life where I felt like I was going nowhere, and had plans on quitting music all together. And it made me feel very worthless giving up on my one true passion. One day, I was sat down watching David Attenborough and this specific episode was about a bird, and this bird was struggling, and looking for something crucial for its survival. We followed this bird as he was looking for what he sought. After a while he found it, and this was, in David’s words, “a Lazarus Moment for this bird.” Thats when my lazarus moment came. The force of whatever is out there was telling me that i was not going to give up. Because music and love is what keeps me alive.

To people who listen to my music the first time, i would tell them it is organic vibes, detailed and mixed with both futuristic and old elements. Big landscapes of sound. I want to call it emotive because i put a lot of emtions in it. Expect deep basses, exciting rhythms and melodic journeys through a forest of emotions.

Let’s talk about your latest album release ‘Tales From the Edge of the Forest’. What was the concept behind the album? 

The album “Tales From The Edge Of The Forest” is built like a journey, which may not necessarily be a physical journey but one in our mind and heart. This journey in its hand was inspired by the journey through the forest of life. And whilst going through this forest, you are transported to memories, feelings, places and events, as well as people. That is my vision for the album. I tried to capture that as well as my abilities let me.

Do you feel you have a deeper connection to the music you produce, almost spiritual? 

I most certainly do, its a deep connection of another kind. Something that i never felt before. I could only describe it divine. Since you dedicate all your spare time to it, to the fullest, and do it like it was your only purpose. It is the perfect emotional outlet. I carry a lot inside and have a need to express feelings otherwise i become sad. My spiritual journey was started through music, because it made me think, feel, love, laugh and cry. And that way I though, that this is something healing and might be a key to come into grounds with myself, because it affects my whole being.

Is there a specific process you take to writing music? What software/equipment do you enjoy using to produce music? 

There is not really any specific process in my music writing. Sometimes i begin with a field recording, and try to recreate the feeling i had when i was at that place where it was recorded, into melodies. Sometimes i get a flash of a memory or an emotion, and i try to transpose that.  Usually i just start making whatever, doesn’t have to be good at all, and just build and tweak on it until i think it could work! Its really all a matter of inspiration and flow!

Do you have an educational background in music, or are you self-taught? 

I do not have an educational background in music. I took a few guitar lessons as a kid, but thats all. I have no theoretical knowledge in music. So i am self taught. I just wanted to be able to create the feeling music gives me to someone else. And that is my motivation to keep pushing on, and keep failing, succeeding and learning!

How has your music evolved since you first began producing music? 

Thats a tough one, i cant even compare what i first made to what i make now. I can hear and feel a huge difference in both the production and the final tracks, compared to stuff from only a year ago. So much more detailed, thought through and playful. So it has been an immense evolution for me, that i did not ever think would happen. Now i am usually quite satisfied with what comes from the speakers!

What’s on the horizon for you as an artist? 

On my horizon I don’t really know what will come, what i would like to be there though is more time for music, collabs and more releases. I just want to do my part and show what i have to offer! However i am practicing and working on a way to perform my tracks to how i want them to be heard. I do play shows now, but i want to do it in a unique way, so thats what i am working towards in the workshop!

Is there any advice you’d like to share to those aspiring to write and produce music? 

Id say be yourself, and don’t copy someones sound, just take inspiration from everything you like and mash it together. Also id say dont give or take any shit. Spend hours on hours just workin on your vibe and craft. Its hard and may seem pointless at times, but that is life. No matter how bad you may feel about not getting where you want, just do it anyways, because all studio time and everything that can inspire you is worth while. Always trust in your heart and passion to create, and the divine force will lead the way!

List us 3 artists/producers you feel everyone should check out.


Volor Flex


Stream the album on Spotify or purchase the CD/digital album on Bandcamp now. 

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