Insight Interview: Lazarus Moment

We caught up recently with Sweden-based producer Lazarus Moment to talk about life, music and what inspires him to create. Check out his story here…

Hey Lazarus Moment, thanks so much for agreeing to an interview. Where are you based? Do you tend to travel a lot, or are you firmly rooted at home?

Hello! Thank you for wanting to interview me! Its an honor! I am based in a small naval town in the southeast of Sweden, right by the water. I do tend to travel, that it not to say I do it a lot though. But i want to do it more, eventually when I have the time and money for it! I enjoy being at home for the most part!

Can you recall your first real exposure to music?

Well my first real exposure to music was really early, I grew up with constant exposure to it. I’m truly grateful for my mother with such a great and diverse music taste, all the way from music like Enya to Hip Hop, Metal and all kinds of Other stuff! It really opened my eyes to the music world. But a fun fact was that it wasn’t until 6th grade that i liked “electronic music”, in fact before then I really hated it for some reason.. oh boy was i wrong!

How and when did you first begin writing and creating music?

I did pick up the guitar in 5th grade I remember and took lessons, then I jumped back and forth on that, and didn’t really feel too certain that i would get good at it, so yeah, I didn’t take it very seriously and just had fun with it! The first time I really heard of music creation was somewhere around 2011, when my older friend showed me this song he made in a free DAW called LMMS (aka Linux Multi Media Studio) and I tried doing stuff, with of course no knowledge at all, and I posted stuff and got tons of hate, which made me quit doing it for a few years.

Then I found fruity loops 10 and decided to try again, so from 2014 until 2015 I just tried to learn how to use the program, and after that I had to decide on where I wanted to go, which I am very lucky to have found. I’m gonna keep it short because I could go on, but lets just say I am addicted to music that feeds the soul, and I started around 2015!

How did you decide upon the name Lazarus Moment?

I was sat down one day watching David Attenborough, and he was talking about this bird in the forest, he had to find find something to keep him alive, it was really rough times for this little bird. Eventually the bird found what he needed, and then David said, “A True Lazarus Moment for this bird” and I knew, at that moment, that that was gonna be my name. I saw myself in that bird, because I was on the brink of giving up music production. But I just got this vision right away and I knew it was a sign from the universe. A Lazarus Moment is by definition a moment in time where you find something to drag you up again. Revive your happiness. In the bible, Jesus revived Lazarus from the dead, and it’s a metaphor that there is always a second shot at things. A light in the dark that you find yourself!

Can you describe your music for us?

My music is a mix between organic material, atmospheres and beats, downtempo and ambient. I have a hard time describing it but I feel that it is quite organic. The future garage sound is something I just adore, so naturally its something I am fond of doing, with my own approach of course. I like to manipulate sounds beyond recognition!

My music is an attempt to recreate what I see in my mind and feel in my heart!

Have you played live recently? Would you like to do more shows or tours in future? Anything coming up soon you’d like to tell us about?

I did play on a chillout stage at a forest rave here last summer, and I really really loved doing that, and I got very good response from the “crowd” (people who where laying on the ground just listening) who came up to me and personally thanked me. This was a precious moment that I value very much. I would indeed want to play more shows! I’m building my own sound system so I can host events myself here in Sweden. We need more stuff like that, especially where I live!

What have been your biggest influences?

My biggest influences I can’t really say, all of the music I listen to influences me in one way or another!

But Azaleh inspired me to know where to start with Lazarus Moment. He is a really close friend of mine and I cannot thank him enough for that.

I would say that I’m a big fan of everyone in the game basically, because we are all a contributing factor to this awesome family!

Do you think producing electronic music requires technical or creative skill? Or both?

It definitely requires creative skill, without that the presence of soul just isn’t the same. Technical skill is not something you necessarily need to make music but it is definitely something of high value! It’s something you learn on the way I have found. I have no theoretical knowledge whatsoever. It’s helped me in some ways, held me back in some. I think both are needed to a certain extent but they do not really rely on each other!

Do you tend to find the creative process a cathartic or therapeutic experience? Has creating music helped you cope with difficult times in your life?

Yes, absolutely! That is the main reason I even do it in the first place! Music saved my life, I don’t think I would be either who I am or where I am if it wasn’t for music. It’s helped my sensitive heart as a protective shield against bad stuff. And it takes my mind off everything else when I do it, it’s a certain escape. I cant really recall any time when I have been actively thinking about everyday stuff whilst working on music!

Any collaborations, remixes or joint projects on the horizon?

Yes there are a couple of things coming! Collab EP with WooDMooD is in the works as we speak!

A collab with Hajimari is also something that will soon start!

I think Ennja and I am gonna make something together in the near future as well! Always new fun stuff popping up so its really nice!

Any new genres or musical styles you’d like to explore in future?

Yeah I would like to hop back on drum and bass eventually! Other than that I don’t really know! I guess they will come forth as time does! Surprises are around every corner!

Do you have any thoughts on the future of electronic music? Do you think the scene will evolve further?

Underground electronic music will always evolve! And I am certain that the future holds nothing but good things for us.

My heart tells me that music will save the world in an aspect. I can’t be sure of course. I think music makes people wonder, believe and find hope!

Any new releases coming our way?

Some bits here and there are on the way! I cant really pinpoint what where and when, but I always try to push something out when I can!

Any artists or other individuals / collectives you’ve not worked with yet that you’d like to work with in future?

A release on Harrow would be really nice! And Inspected.

I don’t know though, there are so many haha! But yeah, I just want to work with as many people as possible, so we all can build a stable network, like mycelium, or a brain, with access everywhere!

Do you have a favourite track / song of all time? Favourite artist?

I’m sure there is, but I cant really think of one specifically! I know when I hear it, and for that moment, it may be my favourite! Time changes, but not my love for music!

One favourite artist I can definitely say is Azaleh.

Then Volor Flex (‘Luna’ would maybe be a favourite track), Vacant, Aether, Phelian, you name it, there are so so many!

It’s been said that a life in music can be a hard one. Would you agree with that?

Yeah it is definitely hard. Lots of pressure that you put on yourself. I think part of the reason for that is because we are so self-reflective, such sensitive people and so judgmental of ourselves. When we make music we go into ourselves and work on things, which is of course good but not always easy. And maybe at some point we feel like “aw this guy is better at this” etc, but after all, music is just like different personality traits, and that is what makes you unique and beautiful in your own way!

Do you have any words of advice for aspiring young producers?

Stick to your heart, always! Be creative, have fun! Dance when you’re listening through your tracks!

Just be who you are and showcase your vision! Experiment with stuff! Do whatever you want to do.

Just no matter what, like I said, stick to your heart.

Any other projects on the horizon that you’d like to tell us about?

I have started working on my first full length album! It will of course take quite a while! But eventually I will make a nice release with that I think!

And finally – are there any tracks / artists that you’d like people to know about?

To name a few artists that I’d recommend to check out: Ennja, Sibewest, WooDMooD, Shah, Vesky!

Thanks so much Lazarus Moment!

Thank you so much for having me!!

Check out Lazarus Moment’s music here, here and here.

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