Insight Interview: Michael FK

We caught up recently with Moldovan musician Michael FK to chat about his life, music and what’s in store in future. Check out his story here…

Hey ​Michael, ​thanks ​so ​much ​for ​agreeing ​to ​an ​interview. ​Where ​are ​you ​based? ​Do ​you ​tend to ​travel ​a ​lot, ​or ​are ​you ​firmly ​rooted ​at ​home?

I ​am ​from ​Republic ​of ​Moldova, ​it ​is ​located ​between ​Romania ​and ​Ukraine. ​Travel ​is ​my ​passion, ​I ​am always ​looking ​for ​a ​new ​possibility ​to ​travel ​and ​when ​I ​have ​this ​possibility ​I ​am ​one ​of ​the ​most happy ​people ​in ​the ​world! ​I ​have ​never ​traveled ​as ​a ​DJ, ​but ​I ​hope ​that ​soon ​I ​will ​achieve ​this ​goal.

Can ​you ​recall ​your ​first ​real ​exposure ​to ​music?

Since ​childhood ​I ​started ​enjoying ​music, ​I ​was ​drawn ​to ​it straightaway! ​At ​my grandparents’ place ​I ​discovered ​vinyl, ​they ​had a vintage ​gramophone. ​I ​was ​curious ​to see how ​it ​works, ​how ​the ​sounds ​appeared, ​how ​that ​needle ​was able to read ​the notes ​recorded in ​the ​vinyl. ​This ​is ​why ​I ​loved ​to ​watch ​it, ​to ​stop ​it ​and ​then ​to ​see ​how ​it worked when I ​started it ​again.

​How ​and ​when ​did ​you ​first ​begin ​writing ​and ​creating ​music?

I ​didn’t ​grow ​up ​in ​a ​rich ​family, ​so ​at ​the ​age ​of ​17 ​when ​my ​classmates ​were ​resting ​with ​their families and going on ​vacation, ​I ​was ​working. ​Because of this ​I ​had ​the ​possibility ​to ​buy ​my ​first ​laptop. ​One ​of ​the ​first applications which ​I ​installed ​was ​FL ​studio. ​It ​was ​very ​hard ​for ​me ​to ​understand ​how ​it ​worked ​and ​I gave ​up ​my desire ​“ to ​make ​music”. ​At ​the ​age ​of ​21, ​when ​I ​was ​learning ​in ​college, ​I ​tried ​again ​and this ​time ​I installed ​Ableton. ​Now​, ​I ​can ​say ​that ​I ​have produced ​electronic ​music with Ableton ​for ​3 ​years.

Have ​you ​made ​or ​released ​music ​under ​any ​name ​other ​than ​your ​own?

As ​I ​said ​earlier, ​at ​the ​age ​of ​17 ​I ​tried ​to ​make ​music ​and ​my ​artist ​name ​was “moon ​light”. I remember ​this period ​with ​shame, ​I ​didn’t ​really make ​anything. I started properly ​making music ​when ​I ​renamed ​myself ​as Michael ​FK.

Can ​you ​describe ​your ​music ​for ​us?

Chillout ​tracks ​that ​include ​ambient ​and ​atmospheric ​sounds, ​with ​hypnotic ​and ​haunting ​melodies.

​Have ​you ​played ​live ​recently? ​Would ​you ​like ​to ​do ​more ​shows ​or ​tours ​in ​future? ​Anything coming ​up ​soon ​you’d ​like ​to ​tell ​us ​about?

I ​haven’t ​played ​live. ​However, ​as ​far ​as ​my ​music ​is ​concerned, ​I ​am ​still ​thinking ​about ​performing live ​one ​day.

What ​have ​been ​your ​biggest ​influences?

One ​day, ​when ​I was on ​Youtube, ​on ​the ​main ​page ​was ​an ​ambient ​mix ​on ​the ​channel “AmbientMusicalGenre”. ​In ​that ​mix ​I ​heard ​a ​song ​that ​changed ​everything ​for ​me. ​It ​was ​Hammock’s song ​“Ten ​Thousand ​Years ​Won’t ​Save ​Your ​Life”. ​Today, ​I ​can ​definitely ​say ​that ​this ​song ​motivated me ​to ​try ​to ​produce ​music ​in ​that ​genre, ​so ​I ​started ​to ​make ​music ​as ​Michael ​FK.

​Do ​you ​think ​producing ​electronic ​music ​requires ​technical ​or ​creative ​skill? ​Or ​both

Both! ​In ​my ​opinion, ​firstly ​it ​is ​necessary ​to ​learn ​DAW, ​everyone ​needs ​to ​get ​involved, ​to ​be interested​ in ​how ​all ​it ​works, ​how ​to ​create ​electronic ​music ​and ​this ​is ​very ​important, ​but ​for ​making good ​music that ​is ​not ​enough, ​of ​course ​you ​need ​to ​have ​creative ​skills! ​Without ​them ​you ​can ​not produce ​music that ​will ​be ​loved ​by ​listeners. ​Both ​of ​them ​are ​important ​if ​you ​want ​to ​reach ​a ​high level ​of ​production.

Do ​you ​tend ​to ​find ​the ​creative ​process ​a ​cathartic ​or ​therapeutic ​experience? ​Has ​creating music ​helped ​you ​cope ​with ​difficult ​times ​in ​your ​life?

Both! ​I’m ​a ​person ​who ​lives ​with ​music ​- or, even, better, “​live ​the ​music”. ​For ​me ​music ​is ​not ​only sounds, ​it’s ​something ​more. ​I ​am ​the ​type ​of ​person ​who ​sees ​the ​world ​through the ​colours ​of ​music. ​When ​I hear a song, ​tears ​can ​appear ​in ​my ​eyes ​and ​this ​is ​not ​because ​the song is necessarily sad ​but ​because ​of ​beauty ​of the ​song, because ​of ​the ​feelings ​that ​are ​born ​in ​me. ​Music ​helps ​me ​to ​go ​through ​many ​moments ​of my ​life – and many ​important ​moments for me ​are ​primarily ​related ​with ​some ​specific ​songs! ​One ​of ​the ​most difficult ​parts ​of my ​life, ​when ​I ​didn’t ​know ​what ​to ​do ​with ​my ​future, ​music ​has ​helped ​me through it!

That’s ​how ​the ​goals ​which ​I ​want ​to ​achieve ​have ​appeared.

​Any ​collaborations, ​remixes ​or ​joint ​projects ​on ​the ​horizon?

At ​the ​moment I’m ​working ​with ​2 ​musicians. ​The ​process ​is fairly ​hard, ​but ​I ​am ​sure ​that ​at ​the ​end of it ​you ​will hear ​something ​amazing! ​Also, ​at ​the ​same ​time ​I ​want ​to ​create ​a ​new ​EP ​in ​a ​specific ​style.

​Any ​new ​genres ​or ​musical ​styles ​you’d ​like ​to ​explore ​in ​future?

After ​hearing ​Kiasmos ​in ​the ​last ​few ​weeks ​I’ve ​been ​trying ​my ​hardest ​to ​make ​something ​a ​bit
more ​like ​that. ​Stay ​tuned ​for ​that!

Do ​you ​have ​any ​thoughts ​on ​the ​future ​of ​electronic ​music? ​Do ​you ​think ​the ​scene ​will ​evolve further?

It’s a real shame ​that ​commercial ​music ​blinds ​people’s eyes and they ​do not have ​the ​possibility ​to discover ​other ​wonderful ​works ​which ​deserve ​to ​be ​listened to. ​But ​I can ​already ​feel ​the ​progress. ​People are starting ​to listen ​to ​music ​which ​you ​can’t ​find ​on ​TV ​or ​in the ​most-played videos ​on ​YT, ​they ​are ​looking ​for ​something different. ​I ​am sure ​that ​styles such ​as ​Ambient, ​Future ​Garage, ​Drone ​will ​reach ​the ​popularity ​that ​they deserve.

​Any ​new ​releases ​coming ​our ​way?

I ​cannot ​say ​exactly ​when, ​but ​as ​I ​said ​earlier, ​I ​am ​working ​on ​an ​EP ​that will include ​3-5 new ​songs.

​Any ​artists ​or ​other ​individuals ​/ ​collectives ​you’ve ​not ​worked ​with ​yet ​that ​you’d ​like ​to ​work with ​in ​future?

Ohhh, there ​are ​many ​artists ​with ​whom ​I ​would ​like ​to ​work, ​but ​at ​the ​moment ​I ​want ​to ​finish ​the collaborations ​which ​I ​have in place ​now ​and ​try ​to ​focus ​on ​what ​I’m doing. ​I ​have ​worked ​with ​other ​artists ​in the past ​and ​it ​is ​a ​great ​experience.

​Do ​you ​have ​a ​favourite ​track ​/ ​song ​of ​all ​time? ​Favourite ​artist?

Unfortunately, ​I ​can’t ​say ​the ​name ​of ​an ​artist ​or ​a ​particular song. ​As ​a ​musician ​I ​can see ​in ​every ​song ​the ​work which ​the artist ​has ​done ​for ​it. ​I ​appreciate ​all ​the ​musicians ​and ​all ​works ​which ​are ​not ​in ​the commercial genres.

It’s ​been ​said ​that ​a ​life ​in ​music ​can ​be ​a ​hard ​one. ​Would ​you ​agree ​with ​that?

I ​would ​not ​say ​that ​it’s ​hard, ​but the first ​years ​of ​production ​are ​more ​difficult ​because ​you ​need ​to ​find ​your audience, ​to ​have ​your ​fans, ​a ​long ​time ​passes ​until ​your ​works ​become ​known ​by ​people. ​I ​can ​say ​that it is a ​big ​competition. The ​internet ​is ​full ​of ​music, ​different ​types ​of ​music, ​and now almost ​all people ​have ​the ​possibility ​to listen to ​music, ​we ​all ​have ​the ability ​to ​find ​what ​we ​like. ​I ​am ​sure ​that ​each ​of ​the ​artists ​who ​make music ​is happy ​and ​proud ​because ​his or her ​works ​can ​be ​heard ​by ​people!

​Do ​you ​have ​any ​words ​of ​advice ​for ​aspiring ​young ​producers?

Don’t ​be ​afraid ​to ​take ​a ​break. Sometimes ​we ​try ​hard ​to ​make ​a ​new ​song, ​but ​we ​can​not ​do ​it, nothing goes ​well. ​Do ​not ​think ​that ​the ​problem ​is ​in ​you ​or ​in ​your ​capacity ​to ​do ​it, ​this ​problem ​can occur ​with anyone, ​not ​only you. ​All you ​need ​to ​do ​is ​to ​rest, ​to ​do ​something ​else, ​try ​to discover ​new sounds ​for ​example ​in ​VST, ​look ​for ​something ​different ​and ​then, ​when ​you ​will ​feel that ​you ​are ​ready to ​start ​a ​new ​project, ​DO ​IT! ​You ​will ​have ​the ​possibility ​to ​learn ​something ​new ​that ​will help ​you ​to ​progress. ​Do ​what ​you ​like ​to ​do, ​be ​yourself, ​try ​and learn ​new things, ​this ​is ​the ​key ​to ​success!

​Any ​other ​projects ​on ​the ​horizon ​that ​you’d ​like ​to ​tell ​us ​about?

Follow ​me ​on ​my ​Facebook ​page ​and ​you ​guys ​will ​be ​the ​first ​to ​know ​about ​it ​(winks).

And ​finally ​- ​are ​there ​any ​tracks ​/ ​artists ​that ​are ​relatively ​unknown ​that ​you’d ​like ​people ​to know ​about?

I ​know ​most ​of ​you ​reading ​this ​will ​be ​familiar ​with ​Dario ​Lupo, ​But ​woah, ​such ​incredible ​artists. ​The attention ​to ​detail ​and ​emotion ​in ​their ​tracks ​is ​superb. ​If ​you ​haven’t ​heard ​any ​music ​by ​Dario ​Lupo yet, ​check ​it ​out ​now.

Thanks so much Michael!

Thank you too 🙂

Michael FK’s music is available here and here.

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