Insight Interview: Opera Infinita

Providing the community with essential underground electronica since 2016, Opera Infinita has been at the forefront for the latest in future garage music.

As a great supporter of Insight Music, we’re honoured to be sharing with you a fantastic interview with the founder of Opera Infinita. In this interview you’ll discover more about their roots within underground music as well as their passion for supporting the genres we love.


Describe yourself for us in a few words (where you’re from, what you do, who you are, etc)
Hi people, my name is Kamil and I upload music I like to my channel – opera infinita. I live in small Polish city.

How did you first get involved with ambient and future music?
I remember 2007 when I heard Burial for the first time. It was something I never heard before. Over the time I couldn’t find anything even similar to Burial’s music and I just forget about it for years. In 2011 I’ve read some article about Burial and tried to find something like this. And I did – I discovered Volor Flex, Vacant, Synkro, Manu Shrine, Jayeem, Autodream and all artist that showed up after them.



How did you come up with the name “Opera Infinita?”
As a branding specialist I know the name is one of the hardest thing to come up with. The logo also needs to be made and these things need to work harmoniously. Name opera infinita is from latin and it means “endless works“. With this name I wanted to honour all musician’s work.

What is your motivation to curate the music you promote on your channel?
I’m presenting my music taste, sharing the music with others and helping the musicians. My biggest motivations is of course music. I love that moments when I hear something new and after 2 seconds I know it’s gonna be awesome. This is what keeps my channel going.

How did you begin this project? How has it changed since 2016?
As a big music enthusiast I had few music channels before opera infinita. I’m (still) listening to a many music genres and before opera I wanted to show them to all. As the years go by there was more and more things I had to handle. My music taste also changed and I decided to do one thing at a time and do it best I can so I closed old channels and created OI.

I started with uploading mixes and single tracks. From that time I gained a lot of listeners, made dozens of premieres, released more mixes, got access to unreleased tracks. I’m working with more musicians, labels and projects like yours. And I really appreciate this.

What is your favorite part of running “your personal music diary” as you have put it?
So far the best part of it is to hear new music, meet new people and being a small part of this scene. I’m open for suggestions so if anyone wants to do something together, just let me know.

What has been your most successful release/project?
There was a few – collab mix with Fluidified, partnership with you (Insight Music), VMDM Records, Zero Point show and more.


Opera Infinita features stunning visuals that highly compliment the music they upload.


What is your personal favorite release you’ve made and/or favorite genre?
Well, I’m finally pleased with my mixes. Check best of Vacant, Rusez1, Sorrow and music summary of 2020. Also check out my guest mixes on my SoundCloud.

How do you think ambient/future music will change in the coming years/How do you see that affecting ‘Opera Infinita?’
I think the entire scene will grow very slowly. Many musicians (channels, labels and activists) stopped working on their future garage projects and went to wave music.

Now there is only one active radio show (Aviv), two active festivals (Out of Space, Abstrasession) and few single parties. Several labels were created but other was closed or limited their activity.

To be completely honest, since Burial’s ‘Untrue‘, we haven’t heard anything big from the future garage scene.

But, hey, this is not for everyone. I still love as it is, popular or not. I can’t make any significant changes only by my own so if some of you have an idea how to change it DM me, maybe I can help.



What do you have in store for ‘Opera Infinita’ going forward?
I’m trying to take nothing too seriously. It’s all ok for now, I have nothing to worry about therefore I’m going to lead the channel until something is changed so I can’t do it anymore.

What is the best way for artists interested in a feature to get in touch with you?
I’m not taking submissions. I look for new music almost everyday so just send me message, follow me on Soundcloud and it will do the thing.

What are 3 singles you recommend we definitely check out?
Last and the most difficult question 🙂

It will be best if you check all of my uploads but if I need to choose:

opera infinita music area –
1. Uppermost – Night Walk (Azaleh Bootleg)
2. Tecnosine – So far, surrender
3. Øfdream – Marks of Despair

Outside the scene –
1. The Gathering – Souvenirs
2. Amia Venera Landscape – Weight bearer (Live in studio)
3. IAMX – Song of imaginary beings (UK version)

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