Insight Interview: Shanti

We were privileged enough to catch up recently with the one and only Shanti to talk about life, music and influences. Check out his story below…

Tell us about yourself in a few words (who you are, where you’re from, what you do etc.).

Hey guys I’m Shanti, I was born in Quito, Ecuador 1995 and what I do is what I love.  If I’m not creating music or making my friends happy, I’m probably setting goals, exceeding them or looking up at the sky.

Can you describe your music for us.

My music is essentially my mood. A therapeutical release because life isn’t easy. A formless sonic expression that is forever changing like you & me. �I like tapping into ethereal soundscapes – blended with darker realms & sprinkled with unique percussion.

Any new music coming our way soon?

Yes, I plan to release everything because while I was on my way to play gig, I was jumped & robbed. I lost the only thing that my life revolves around: my music. I literally fought for my life and would’ve given them the money in my wallet to keep what was most dearest to me.

I’ve been trying to process everything and I would just like to say that this is a reawakening.  This series of unfortunate events has only made me stronger. They can not take my soul away cause that will forever reside as long as I’m Alive.

Do you try and express something tangible through your music? A particular mood or feeling perhaps?

Duality, Love, Passion, Lust, Despair, Betrayal, Happiness, Elated, Exhilarated, Overwhelmed, Hurt, Concerned, Infatuations Relieved & Pleased.

Do you think your music conveys who you are as a person?

Yes, I like to think that my music is a reflection of my soul just converted into sonic form. It’s like my first language – the most fluent one that I can speak with my he(art).

Does your music capture your essence or your personality in some sense?

It does to an extent depending on the mood I’m in. Generally, yes because I am an empathetic person who loves to dream out loud and convert dark into light and sometimes even light into dark.

Has your music evolved, do you think? Do you have any musical goals?

My music has evolved quicker than I can comprehend at points. Ever since I started – my sound has formed into this beautiful creature with abstract features.  My main goals are to be on the dream labels that have inspired me since day one, and make music with the people that have inspired me since day one as-well.

Is there a particular track of yours which you are especially proud of?

My most recent collaboration with Congi titled “The Art of Searching” because it was my first vinyl release on Fent Plates, a label that has beautiful intentions behind it all. (Big up Zha.)

Can you imagine your life without music?

No, I can’t because my music is life.

If music were taken away, what would you have lost?

My sanity.

What does future garage mean to you?

Music derived from emotion, Garridge pattern’s with swing, & Atmospheric realms.

Thinking about other people’s music – is there a particular musician whose music resonates with you (maybe someone you’d describe as an ‘influence’)?


How does that person’s music make you feel?

Sorrow’s music to me is serenity, my happy place with no judgements or fear. Only acceptance and love. I’ve been listening to him since I was 15 in high school, roaming through the hallways blasting Shinigami & Reaper to wake up.

Is there a particular doctrine or philosophy you try to live by?

The ones that I generate personally are the ones that I live by:

Learn to live to love,
Love to learn to live,
Live to love to learn.


Everything will be okay in the end, if its not okay – its not the end.

Something that comforts you when you feel down, perhaps?

Tattoos! It’s like a rites of passage for me, and a reminder of my will power.

And finally – If you could say one thing to the people reading this, what would it be?

Follow your he(art), love yourself, & be a good person cause then good things will happen to you. Don’t let anyone bring you down, even if they take everything away from you – you can bounce back into a new you. know your worth and thrive. Thats what makes you feel alive. Embrace, convert – Express.

Thanks so much Shanti!

Thank you!

Check out Shanti’s music here.

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