Insight Interview: Sibewest

This weeks Insight Interview features one of the most promising acts for 2018, an artist who produced some of the most creative atmospheric future-garage vibes during 2017 and who promises more influential tracks this year.

Sibewest has committed dearly to the underground electronica scene and has influenced many producers alike to showcase their work in one of the scenes most creative genres. Their work has been featured on compilation albums such as ‘Fractured Vibes Pt1’ and ‘Florescence’ whilst their self released EP’s and singles are endlessly promoted and supported by the underground promotion channels and the community. Enjoy what the Russian producer has to say about life in Western Siberia and their musical journey so far.


Hey Sibewest, first off, where are you currently based?

All my life I’ve lived in Russia, in Western Siberia. It is quite cold in winter and there is a lot of snow, but it inspires me from time to time. In the future I plan to move to Moscow or maybe to somewhere in Europe, for example in London haha!

When was your first real exposure to music?

I was almost 5 years old. My parents listened to Techno Dance (Masterboy, Ice Mc, Culture Beat, Snap) and strangely enough, this music was in English. My parents do not even know English, they just liked the music, and from this my acquaintance with music began. In 2003 when I was 9 years old, I became acquainted with such a genre as Trance. I was a fan of Armin van Buuren and Tiesto, which continued until 2013. In the spring of 2013, I came across the project of one interesting producer – Synthetic Epiphany. His music made such an impression on me that I could listen to it all day, without interruption. In the future I began to learn more about atmospheric electronic, but I did not know how to make such music.

When did you start writing and producing music?

The first time I tried to produce music was in 2012, but nothing good happened, I just did not understand many aspects of this process. My first DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) was Fl Studio 4. For me it was something unimaginable and very complicated. I found myself studying DAW because I had a very poor quality of the Internet and I could not afford video lessons. I studied DAW for about 2 weeks, but then I got tired of it, and I thought that creating music was not for me. I stopped studying DAW until 2015.

In the summer of 2015 I decided to continue studying DAW and I had my first positive result. First I made music in the genre of Trance, then gradually switched to Chill music. In early 2016, I started to do Chillstep, and then learned about Future Garage. In the summer of 2016, I decided to send my first demo to the Sekai Collective and my demo was accepted! My track went onto the compilation album ‘Sonder 001‘. I was so glad to be on the list among the other good producers, who by experience were higher than me. I’m still very grateful to Resonata for the opportunity to release my music on the label. It was after the release of that compilation album that many people became interested in my music. Back then my nickname was Andrew Euphoria (Now I consider this to be the most stupid nickname in my life). Earlier I mentioned the project – Synthetic Epiphany. It was this project that inspired me to create atmospheric electronic.



Your releases feature a strong connection with deep underground electronica and a creative blend of styles across each composition. What do you feel has been your biggest inspiration since writing music?

I do not have my own style of music. I like different kinds of music, so I often experiment. I’m trying to find my own style that would characterise my music. Inspiration manifests spontaneously. This can be affected by watching a movie or anime. Also, sources of inspiration can be some kind of memories or events.

How about your proudest experience?

I don’t know. I do not have something to be proud of yet.

Have you been involved with playing your music live, or do you find it difficult to find an event that showcases music of your genre?

In my town and nearby cities there are no festivals or events in which atmospheric electronica would be played. The main events take place in Moscow and St. Petersburg. One large festival is Abstrasension, but I have not yet received an invitation to play.

What piece of work are you most proud of right now?

Sibewest – Redline‘. I believe that this is my best work of late. Most of all in music, I appreciate the atmosphere, depth and tragedy. Many people ask me: “Why do you not make music with positive ideas? Do you not like this kind of music?” No. I like this kind of music. It’s just that I’m more attracted to sad and gloomy music. It all depends on my mood.

How about through your career? Which track overall are you most pleased about?

Sibewest – The Smell of the Sky‘, It was the beginning of a summer evening. The streets outside were raining. I had just watched the anime film ‘Kotonoha no Niwa’ (eng. The Garden of Words) and after watching it, I was very inspired to create this track. When the rain ended, I went to my yard and breathed in this wet and fresh air after the rain. I was very inspired to give the title of the track as ‘The Smell of the Sky’. I still have a photo from that day. This track conveys all the feelings that I experienced then.

Tell us a little about your 2017 EP releases. Do you plan to release more EP’s / Albums this year? Maybe a physical release from you sometime?

Valhalla” (2017)

I really like Scandinavian mythology and have long been interested in this. I read many different scientific and historical articles and also watched films. What exactly made me interested? – Interpretation of the universe from the point of view of this mythology. In Russia, even there are historical preconditions that the Russian people are descendants of the Vikings.

I decided to dedicate my EP to Valhalla. I think everyone knows what it is. The EP conveys my whole vision of Valhalla and in general Scandinavian mythology.



North Remembers” (2017)

On the creation of the album I was inspired by the series “Game of Thrones”. I’m an ardent fan. The EP’s name consists of the Stark slogan “North remembers”.

At the moment I’m working on a full-length album. The album will have very different music, with different moods and genres. It contains a whole story, which I myself thought up. The whole story will be tied to the cover of the album and to the names of the tracks. Maybe I’ll post the whole story in writing (each song has its own part of the story). There are now 10 tracks, but this number can increase. About physical releases. Maybe something will come out, but I can not promise.



How about collaborations? You’re certainly no stranger to working with other producers such as Menual, Spaceouters and Ryke, do you see yourself working on more collaborations in 2018?

I only work with the producers whose music I like to listen to. The most important thing in collabs is that both participants like what they are doing. My ideas and mood coincide with the producers Sloati, Menual and Spaceouters. Easy and pleasant for me to work with them. Perhaps there will be more collabs in 2018. The main thing is to find a producer, with whom I will have one mood to do something together.

What’s your musical goal for the next few years?

My main goal is to find my own style and further raise the bar of the quality of my music. I constantly strive to outdo myself.

Any life goals?

I want to travel the world more, but a small amount of money does not allow me to do this.

Share with us some of your top picks. Which music would you love for us to go and check out?

Daughter – an indie folk group. And I really like it. My bros – alivvve, Sloati, Spaceouters, Menual, smokefishe, Singular Mind.

Has there ever been a piece of music or an experience that shaped you to become the musician you are today? I constantly gain new experience, when working on new track.

I constantly gain new experience, when working on new track.  I try to work in different directions. It does not matter if it’s Wave or Future Garage. Because from one genre you can transfer some feature to another genre. From this it can turn out something cool.

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