Insight Interview: Tiikk

Belarus future garage producer Tiikk.

In this edition of our Insight Interview series, we talk with recent Insight label artist Tiikk, who’s latest future garage EP ‘Beyond Themselves’ is now available across all digital streaming and download platforms.


Hey man, thanks for agreeing to the Interview! Please tell us about yourself in a few words (who you are, where you’re from, what you do etc.)
Hi, my name is Sergey, I live in Belarus, I produce electronic music under the pseudonym Tiikk, and I hope that what I do is pleasant not only to me)))

What’s your earliest memory of writing/producing music and how has that developed over the years?
I have always loved and love different music, and always preferred what none of my friends listened to, once I saw a video clip on Massive Attack on TV and I understood, just listening to me is not enough, I bought a FL studio and set off on a journey along the sound waves, gradually learning and improving, but even now I find something new and what I did not know before, what is good!

All musicians have their own unique take on approaching a new track, but what approach suits you best?
I can say with confidence that the most productive time for me is morning or late night, while it’s good if I’m emotionally excited, whether it’s sadness or a dreamy mood, then the process speeds up a lot, and in general I call my way of writing music “Intuitive” like what I hear, it means great, if not, let’s start over ..


‘Beyond Themselves’ was released Monday 7th June via Insight Music


Could we have a rundown of your current studio setup?
Oh, it’s simple, a couple of KrK monitors, AKG headphones, a sound card and a computer and another simple midi keyboard, that’s all!

Do you have a favourite piece of studio gear? Past or present?
I consider my ears to be the main device in my studio, I hope they never let you down)

How would you describe your latest EP release ‘Beyond Themselves’ to those who haven’t heard your music before?
I would call it a kind of portal to visit different magical, sometimes mysterious dark worlds, to plunge into the enveloping atmosphere of my own fantasy. And this is the purpose of such Music !!!


“First of all, find yourself and understand what you like, find your own style and if something does not work out, do not give up.” – Tiikk


The past 12 months have been tough for a lot of musicians and artists alike to find inspiration. What’s helped you through a difficult year?
For me, the past was not particularly difficult, it seems to me that I even gained momentum, because I used all my free time for my favourite pastime, and the return on the part of my listeners helps not to lose heart, and I am very grateful to them for this!

Do you have a particular piece of music you’ve written that you’re most proud of?
I cannot single out something specific, I like different music at different times, it depends on my mood, but there are works that were created on emotions and I am more satisfied with them, Siren, Black Lace, Memory and by the way the Night Park, these are my experiences.



How about collaborations, are there any artists out there you’d like to work with?
If there is an opportunity, I am ready to work with any musician, this door is always open, but I will honestly say collabs and remixes are difficult for me and sometimes take a long time.

What’s on the horizon for you musically?
I hope there will be more new music, I am not going to leave my life’s work and create new wonderful works!

Any advice for those looking to start producing electronic music? Is there a particular setup or process that may help those artists?
First of all, find yourself and understand what you like, find your own style and if something does not work out, do not give up, what you are doing should be like you first of all!

And finally, what are three singles you would recommend we definitely check out?
I don’t listen to much, but here are some excellent works …
Hempus – Calling For You
Vaeros – Weather
Senn – efflorescence



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